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Frigidaire FMP330RGB 20 in. Portable Dishwasher
The Frigidaire FMP330RGB 20 in. Portable Dishwasher has 4 wash programs Also, this dishwasher is sound insulated for a quiet operation.
Dishwasher Type: Portable
Control Type: Electronic · Rotary Dial
Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying · Heated
Place Settings: 8
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Water Use (Normal Cycle): 7.2 Gallons
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: Without Adjustable Rack Height
Depth: 30 in.
Height: 38.5 in.
Width: 20.5 in.

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The Frigidaire PLD4375RFC Dishwasher offers Premium GraniteGrey Interior and 5-Level Precision Direct Wash System with AquaSurge and Variable Washing Pressure that allows it to wash more effectively, quietly, and economically than ever before while using less water, detergent, and energy. Everything from jumbo pots to delicate china and stemware is handled with ease.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying · Thermal Drying
Place Settings: 14
Food Disposer: With Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Noise Level: 53 DB
Door Integration: Fully Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 23 in.
Height: 34.75 in.
Width: 23.88 in.

“I really wanted a dishwasher that had hidden controls (no black bar with buttons visible) for that clean, expensive all stainless look. However most of them were way out of my price range ($899-$1500 and up).

When I first saw the Frigidaire it looked so elegant and expensive that I thought the price had been mis-marked – finally an all-stainless dishwasher I could afford!

Since my old dishwasher had been broken for several weeks, I had piles of dishes stacking up in my kitchen with dried on food. When my Frigidaire was installed, I was skeptical of putting my dishes in them as-in because they were SO dirty and the grime was dried on like glue.

But, I wanted to see what this machine was really capable of so I loaded it up with all the filthy dishes.

All I can say is WOW! When I opened the washer after it was done, every single dish, cup, glass, silverware was not only spotless, but completely dry!

Not one spec of food or a drop of water to be found! Even the bowls with dried on bits of cheese and pasta were sparkling. Needless to say I am thrilled with my purchase. Oh yeah, its very quiet as well.

You can hear some sloshing of water every now and then, but no motor noise or vibrations.
Overall for the value (I paid $499), this is an excellent machine that cleans very well, dries very well, and looks very expensive.

I would highly recommend this machine for someone who wants a great machine with an all-stainless look but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.”

“I will say that it was pretty quiet. Definitely quieter than the builders grade dishwasher I replaced. My only complaint about the sound was that the bottom part of the the tub that extends to the bottom part of the door (where the door hinges) is not insulated.

Due to the lack of insulation in this area you can hear water dropping on the plastic. Otherwise the dishwasher is very quiet. Since the motor is suspended and completely enclosed in insulation, you can hardly hear the motor.

This dishwasher has a lot of features for the price, but for me the features didnt work that well. It does have an adjustable top rack but it doesnt move up and down very much…maybe an inch.

Also the fold down tines on the top rack didnt work well for the type of bowls that I have. When I put the bowls in the tines would not stay folded down…the would rise back up. Also the extra cup shelves in the top rack didnt help me out too much. You have to have pretty short cups to fit underneath or on top of them.

My wife really wanted the hidden controls on the top and I thought that was a pretty nifty feature too, but when it came to actually using them they seemed to be hassle.

It is sometimes hard to know if you have actually pressed the button because he buttons dont “click”. They do have a little light above them to show if the button was pressed but the most important buttton, the start button, doesnt have that little light.

The problem is that you will press the start button and close the door but it wont start…then you have to try to squeeze your finger between the bottom of the cabinet and the top of the dishwasher to turn it on.

My last gripe, although not a real big one, is that you have to pull pretty firmly to get the door to open and unless you are very careful some water would splash out. You just have to make sure you pull just enough to get the machine to turn off for a second before you open the door.”

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Frigidaire FDB1050RE 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

The Precision Wash System features alternating spray arms that deliver up to 5 precise power sprays of water, accurately time to remove even the toughest food soils. This precision-wash drawer dishwasher uses the alternating spray arms along with two compact motors to eliminate noise.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic · Rotary Dial
Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 14
Food Disposer: With Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: Without Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 24.25 in.
Height: 33.88 in.
Width: 23.88 in.

“Before I start this review, I should note that I believe Frigidaire is owned by (Electrolux?) now. Also, this review covers several different model numbers. These are all the exact same dishwasher, with different exterior colors:
FDB1050RE (the general model number)
FDB1050RES (white)
FDB1050REB (black)
FDB1050REQ (bisque, or off-white, the one we own)
FDB1050REC (stainless, and a little more expensive)
FDB1050REM (silver?)

We bought an almost-new house many months ago that (quite oddly) had disco-era appliances. I don’t know how that happened, unless the previous owners ‘recycled’ some really ancient appliances. So we’ve been replacing all the appliances a little at a time. The biggest problem with the new place was … a large kitchen with no dishwasher. (As in, it never had one, ???) I called around to various places that sell dishwashers, and they all told me that I’d have to find an independent contractor to do the installation. That kind of made sense, as it wasn’t an easy job. We had some plumbing that needed to be re-routed and a cabinet that needed to be removed. That was all before the dishwasher could start to be installed! Installing a dishwasher (as opposed to simply REPLACING one) requires considerable carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills. We found a local handyman to do the work for us. He only made a couple of minor mistakes that I was able to easily correct myself. If my carpentry skills were better (better than nonexistent, ha ha), I probably wouldn’t have needed the handyman. But I figured if I was going to hire someone anyway, I might as well let him tackle the whole job.
Anyway, once I was reasonably certain that the job COULD be done, all that was left was to order the dishwasher itself. I’ve owned and/or used several dishwashers in my lifetime (mostly GE brand?, from memory), but never had to buy one myself. Everywhere I’ve moved, the dishwasher was waiting for me. Some were good and some not-so-good, but none were “bad” enough to motivate me to replace them. So I never paid much attention to what brand the dishwasher was, or specific features, etc. It washes dishes. Yawn. But I have purchased several major appliances in my lifetime, so I have experience with certain brands of appliances. I relied on that experience to help me find the first dishwasher that I actually purchased myself.

The oldest Frigidaire appliance in our family is a refrigerator that is over 30 years old now, and still runs like brand new. Without exception, every major appliance I’ve purchased has been either Frigidaire or Whirlpool brands. I’ve not had a single problem with either of those brands, ever.

In particular, I absolutely loved the last 3 major appliances I purchased. My most recent Frigidaire refrigerator was about six years old and still looked and ran like new (we left it behind as we didn’t want to move it).

Our Whirlpool washer/dryer set that we are using today was purchased many years ago. (1992 or 1993?, I think). That whirlpool laundry set has survived TWO moves.

During our last move, the Whirlpool washer was accidentally bounced down a short stairway. We average four loads of laundry a week, with ZERO problems in over a decade.

That’s amazing. We really didn’t want to bring the washer/dryer with us this time, but the Kenmore washer/dryer set in the new house looked like one more load of laundry would probably cause it to self-destruct in a rather spectacular fashion. 🙂

So we brought our old but trusty whirlpool set with us, figuring the odds were better that we wouldn’t have to buy a new washer/dryer set SOON.

So I already was leaning toward either Whirlpool or Frigidaire for a dishwasher, even though I’d never owned either brand in a dishwasher. After visiting a few stores and talking with a few salesmen, I had a pretty good idea of what features I wanted.

While cost was somewhat of a consideration, I would have gladly spent most of a thousand bucks just to get a nice, reliable dishwasher. Luckily, I didn’t have to spend nearly that much.

I was pleasantly surprised at how little money it takes to get a really nice dishwasher. I wanted multi-level cleaning, delayed start, large capacity (sometimes called something like “tall tub”), and a built-in food disposer.

I also wanted some kind of QUIET design, but I wasn’t placing too much emphasis on that feature while I was shopping.

After all, how do you know how quiet something is before you buy it? It’s not like you can demo a dishwasher in the store. So any claims of “quiet” need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Of the local stores, Lowes seemed to have the best selection of dishwashers in brands that I would consider buying. In fact, when I was looking on their web site, I was almost overwhelmed by the large selection of Frigidaire and Whirlpool brand dishwashers.

I was able to see some of those models in the local retail store. But shopping online, I kept returning to one particular Frigidaire model. It happened to be one of the least expensive models that Lowes carried (online, anyway).

It seemed to have all the features I wanted, and then some. I looked at several models that were more expensive, but I couldn’t justify spending the extra money, when I found a really cheap model that looked like it would work just fine for us.

Some of the more expensive units had all-electronic controls (some HIDDEN), or claimed to have better sound-proofing, or offered other fancy features like special wash cycles, a (sanitizing function?), etc.

But I kept wondering how many fancy extra features did I need to get my dishes clean? The one feature I would have insisted on (besides multi-level wash, which really helps to get upper level dishes cleaner) was delayed start.

All my previous dishwashers were really loud, so I wanted something that we could start on a timer so that it ran while we were out of the house. My thinking was, the timer would be more convenient, as then you’d be less likely to FORGET to start the dishwasher as you are leaving the house.

But it seems like most dishwashers now do have a delayed start and multi-level wash, so my list of necessary features was really quite basic, for any current model dishwasher.

On features:

Well, I’ve already covered much of this, but this Frigidaire unit is fairly ‘loaded’, as far as features go. Extra Large capacity, 5 wash cycles (including pots/pans), heated drying, built-in self-cleaning food disposer, heated wash (heats water above the normal ~120 degrees, if selected), variable delayed start function, 5-level wash system, sound reduction package, mix of mechanical and electronic controls . . .

(what, no alloy wheels?!?) 🙂 Basically, if it isn’t in this dishwasher, you probably don’t need it.
On use:

It couldn’t get much easier to use. It includes a detailed instruction book, but you likely won’t need it. (that’s a nice feature in itself . . . easy to use!) The wash cycle is set by a large rotary dial, which is self-explanatory.

Other functions like delay start, heated dry, etc., have electronic push-button controls to turn them on and off. Most of the time I use it, I just load the last few dishes, add detergent to both containers and hit “start”. My wife likes to use the delay wash and heated dry.

She claims heated dry works better. But the few times I’ve emptied the dishwasher, the “clean” light was on for several hours first, so I can’t confirm that. 🙂 (I suspect the dishes would have dried nicely anyway, but the wife likes the heated dry function, so it probably does make a difference.)

One nice surprise is that this dishwasher is really QUIET. Yes, it claims to be quiet, but surprisingly, it actually IS. Our house is kind of an open concept so the kitchen is more or less in the living room. We can watch TV about 15 feet from the dishwasher, and the dishwasher running doesn’t bother us at all.

Also, it is easy to fall asleep while the dishwasher is running in the next room. OK, so all my previous dishwashers were much older units, but I REALLY was expecting this dishwasher to be MUCH louder than it is.

The only time we really notice it is sometimes it makes a loud “squeak” sound momentarily. I’m not sure what this is, but it must be a normal sound. In any case, it doesn’t bother us at all. I think it is between wash and rinse, so maybe it is a draining sound? Maybe the food disposer?

The one thing you have to be careful of with this dishwasher is that you do not overload the detergent dispenser. There are three dispensers. Two are for dish detergent (one is prewash), and the third is for a rinse aid.

The prewash dispenser is just a cup in the door that empties itself when the door closes. The OTHER detergent dispenser has a door on it that is opened automatically during the wash cycle.

We discovered that if that one (the one with the door) is too full, then sometimes the door won’t open automatically. (oooops!!!) But that is a very minor problem. Just be careful not to overfill the dispenser, and it works great.

On Performance:

We live in an area with very hard water. For hard water, Frigidaire recommends that both detergent dispensers should be filled. We started out using Cascade Complete powdered detergent for both pre-wash and regular wash detergent dispensers.

We periodically fill the rinse-aid dispenser also. For our own convenience, we are using Cascade 2-in-1 actionpacs for the main detergent dispenser now. We still use Cascade powder for the pre-wash dispenser.

But the actionpac thingie is like a little plastic-y pouch of dish detergent. Tossing in the little pouch of detergent makes it easier for us to fill the main detergent dispenser without accidentally OVERfilling it.

I suspect that Cascade dishwasher “gel” formula would work quite well also, though we haven’t tried that. It would probably be harder to overfill the dispenser with gel, as any extra would probably just “squish” out when the door is closed. 🙂

But we’ve run many loads using the combination of actionpac and powdered detergent with no problems at all, so we’re sticking with what works well.

And it DOES work well. After many years of using older dishwashers, my wife is used to pre-rinsing dishes before she loads them in the dishwasher. I keep telling her she doesn’t have to do that, but old habits are hard to break, I guess.

When I put dishes in, I do NOT pre-rinse them. It’s not necessary. Our dishes ALWAYS come out sparkling clean!!! Pots, glasses, silverware . . . all of it is spotless, and the glasses are shiny! I doubt if I could do a better job of cleaning the dishes by hand. This dishwasher does an AWESOME job of well, cleaning dishes.

I think the best thing I can say about this dishwasher is that we really don’t have to think about it at all. With some other dishwashers we’ve used, we would inspect the dishes before putting them away, to make sure they are really clean.

It’s not like we ever had any serious problems with another dishwasher, but sometimes a dish or two would come out looking like the machine ‘missed a spot’ here and there. We still inspect the clean dishes with this dishwasher, but it’s more of a quick glance or two while we are putting them away.

After many loads of dishes, we have learned to EXPECT that this machine will get the job done right the first time, every time. We’ve had this machine for several months now averaging 4-5 loads of dishes a week.

I know all my previous dishwashers were much older units, but this Frigidaire model has greatly exceeded my expectations. It cleans better than any dishwasher I’ve used before, and does it very quietly. When I consider all the nice features, and the price I paid for it, I’d have to say that it’s a GREAT DEAL!”

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Frigidaire PLDB998A Built-in Dishwasher
Stainless Steel Food Disposer. UltraQuietPlus Sound Package. UltraSoft Stainless Steel Handle. Variable (1 – 9 Hour) Delay Start.

“When I needed a new dishwasher for my new kitchen I had no idea what to look for. My old Frigidaire was over 25 years old and still running, but not energy efficient to todays standard.
After looking at many dishwashers, we got a good deal on this one for $199.00 on sale. The dimensions were perfect, under the counter specs at bottom the color matched, and the sales person seem to know and like the product.

It has a top and lower rack set up like the old conventional dishwashers, with the top rack being more shallow

It has a heavy duty cycle, and if you have a small load and only want to was the top rack of dishes you can.

There are many little flip open pockets to put different items for cleaning; which I discovered how to use very quickly.

It is very quiet so unless you are standing right next to it you don’t hear it running.

I am very satisfied with the way it cleans, however it only cleans as well as the detergent you use in it.

It is also an EnergyStar Appliance to help save on your electric bill. We are on a well, and I found it also to be more water efficient than the older models.

The filter does not have to be changed as often either, I ran mine three times a week for 4 months before the filter needed cleaning.

Of course all dishwashers give you a diagram of the best way to load them, but having 10 kids in the house this diagram was not always followed, but I found that the dishes still came out clean and rarely did anything fall out the top rack to the bottom.

I must say this dishwasher updated my knowledge on dishwashers, and made me aware of how far they have come since I bought the last one 25 years ago.

It is push button has temperature rang functions, and delay start, the delay is a turn knob, not push button.

Much to my surprise it was very easy to install. The instructions were right in a package in the front, with step by step directions, And to think I had it for 4 months before installing it because I thought I was going to have to hire a professional. Anyone who is at all handy can install it themselves, be sure to put it on a circuit by itself.


100 Percent Filtered Water
12 Easy Clean Electronic Touchpads / Digital Display
5-Level Precision Wash System
Energy-Saving 1/2 Load Wash Option
Hi-Temp Wash
NSF Certified Sanitize Rinse Option
Nylon Coated Maximum Racks with 5-Year Limited Warranty
Power Dry Fan System
Premium Silverware Basket and Utility Basket
Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Filter
Smart Soil Sensor
Stainless Steel Food Disposer
UltraQuietPlus Sound Package
UltraSoft Stainless Steel Handle
Variable (1 – 9 Hour) Delay Start
Cup Shelf / Stemware Holder
Stainless Steel / Black Accents (C)
Exterior Dimensions: H.33-3/4″ W.23-7/8″ D.24-1/4″

Frigidaire FFID2426TD 24” Built-in Dishwasher, 24 inch, Black Stainless Steel

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America’s Top 3 Best Dishwasher USA 2020

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EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18 Inch Wide 8 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Built-In Dishwasher

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America’s Top 3 Best Dishwasher USA 2020

America's Top 3 Best Dishwasher USA 2020
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Bosch SHXM63W55N 300 Series 24″ Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 5 Wash Cycles, in Stainless Steel

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America's Top 3 Best Dishwasher USA 2020
America’s Top 3 Best Dishwasher USA 2020

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