How to Install a Dishwasher

Level the Dishwasher:  

1. Ensure the dishwasher is level by adjusting the adjustable legs at the front.

2. Connect the water supply line to the designated inlet on the dishwasher.

Connect Water Supply:

Attach Drain Hose:

3. Properly attach the drain hose to the sink or garbage disposal, ensuring a secure connection.

Secure Power Cord:  

4. Connect the power cord to the electrical junction box, following safety guidelines and local codes.

Install Anti-Tip Bracket:

5. Securely install the anti-tip bracket to prevent the dishwasher from tipping forward.

Slide Dishwasher Into Place:  

6. Carefully slide the dishwasher into its designated space in the kitchen cabinet.

Align with Cabinet Opening:  

7. Ensure the dishwasher is aligned with the cabinet opening for a seamless fit.