Loading a dishwasher efficiently is important to ensure that your dishes come out clean and undamaged. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to load a dishwasher:

How To Load A Dishwasher

1. Scrape off debris: Remove leftover food particles before loading dishes.

2. Pre-rinse if needed: Rinse heavily soiled items for better cleaning results.

3. Larger items on lower rack: Place pots and pans on the bottom.

4. Vertical plate placement: Face larger plates toward the center for efficiency.

5. Top rack for cups and glasses: Securely arrange cups and glasses above.

6. Utensils in designated basket: Prevent nesting by separating utensils in the basket.

7. Upside-down bowl placement: Ensure optimal water flow and drying by inverting bowls.

8. Space items apart: Prevent overcrowding to allow thorough water and detergent coverage.

9. Check spray arm rotation: Confirm that spray arms can freely rotate after loading.

10. Verify dishwasher-safe materials: Ensure items are suitable for dishwasher use before loading.