How to use Dishwasher Pods 

1. Place pod in detergent dispenser: Put the dishwasher pod in the designated detergent dispenser compartment.

2. Close the dispenser door: Ensure the dispenser door is securely closed before starting the dishwasher.

3. Load dirty dishes: Arrange dishes in the dishwasher, following the manufacturer's loading guidelines.

4. Avoid overloading: Place dishes strategically to prevent overcrowding and ensure proper water and detergent distribution.

5. Choose the right cycle: Select the appropriate dishwasher cycle for your load, considering the pod's cleaning power.

6. Water temperature matters: Opt for a hot water setting to maximize the effectiveness of the dishwasher pod.

7. Run a full cycle: Allow the dishwasher to complete the entire washing cycle for optimal cleaning results.

8. Store pods properly: Keep dishwasher pods in a cool, dry place, away from moisture to maintain their effectiveness.