Why Won't my Dishwasher Drain 

1. Clogged filter: A blocked filter can hinder proper drainage in your dishwasher.

2. Debris in the drain hose: Accumulated debris may be obstructing the dishwasher drain hose.

3. Faulty pump: A malfunctioning pump can impede the draining process.

4. Air gap issues: Problems with the air gap can disrupt the smooth flow of water during drainage.

5. Jammed impeller: If the impeller is stuck, it can prevent effective water expulsion.

6. Garbage disposal connection: A misaligned or blocked connection to the garbage disposal can cause drainage problems.

7. Excessive soap residue: Using too much detergent can lead to soap buildup, affecting drainage.

8. Drain valve malfunction: A defective drain valve may fail to open, hindering water discharge.