Best Dishwasher Racks USA 2022

Dishwasher Racks: A Buying Guide

Cleaning is one tedious job. When it comes to cleaning of your utensils and kitchen wares, dishwasher serves as the best thing any one could have for cleaning your nasty and dirty utensils. It is the machine that can save your time, money and tantrums of maids.

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You just have to load your utensils in the dishwasher rack, set the timer and take a power nap and within no time you get your dishes clean and dry. If you own a dishwasher then you do enjoy all these luxuries. Like all electronic machines, dishwashers do have a limited lifetime and they become troublesome after a few years of use.

Here dishwasher racks can rescue you from spending a lot of money on new dishwasher. Instead of buying a new dishwasher, you can buy some sturdy dishwasher racks from a variety of dishwasher racks. Changing the dishwasher rack can renew the functioning of your dishwasher.

You can find a lot of dishwasher racks in the market and stores. But which dishwasher rack is compatible with your dishwasher? Does this sturdy dishwasher rack work perfectly with your dishwasher? Does this dishwasher rack contain the capacity of holding desired number of dishes?

Does this dishwasher rack affect the working of your dishwasher? These are the few questions you must keep in mind when buying a dishwasher rack. This buying guide is going to help you to select the suitable dishwasher rack for your dishwasher.

Things to consider

When buying a dishwasher rack, keep in mind these points so that you don’t have to regret your decision.

Know your dish washer

This is first rule one have to observe every time while buying something. For dishwasher racks, this rule saves you from wasting your money in undesirable and useless racks. Every dishwasher have its fixed dimension and the dishwasher rack have to fit in it, it must have the perfect dimensions to squeeze in.

Different companies sell dishwasher rack of size and dimension. Look in your dishwasher brochure to know the size & dimension of your dishwasher rack so that you can buy the right product.

Know your need

Different dishwashers have different design according to their racks. Some have specific upper and lower racks. Some have a middle dishwasher rack too. So buy according to your convenience which rack of your dishwasher need replacement. Specific upper and lower dishwasher racks are available in the market separately.

Know your utensils need

It is a common problem faced by many party hosts that the dishwasher rack lack space for holding greater quantity of utensils like wine glasses. If you are troubled with this issue too, then don’t worry because now dishwasher racks are available for holding specific type of utensils.

Many dishwasher racks are design with close-set tines to accommodate more plates and bowls while in some other designs, the tines are spread out to hold large dishes or pots. Some sturdy dishwasher racks have fold-down tines, fold-away stemware caddies to lock in wine glasses and specific cutlery areas.

As a simple practice, you can bring a bowl or your favorite dish to the store when buying a dishwasher rack for your favorite dishes.

Now you can host as many parties as you want without any worries of cleaning.

Dishwasher rack material

Many older models of dishwasher contain dishwasher rack made of plastic or coated with vinyl. But majority of recent models of dishwasher racks are now design of metal and coated with nylon. The nylon coated sturdy dishwasher racks are more durable, corrosion and rust free and protects the rack from chipping, peeling or scratching. Both types of dishwasher racks are available in the market so buy according to need and compatibility of you model.

Here are listed some sturdy dishwasher rack that you can buy easily.

1. Whirlpool W10056271 Dish Rack for Dishwasher

The best selling sturdy dishwasher rack in the market is whirlpool W10056271 dishwasher rack. This dishwasher rack is compatible with a number of whirlpool dishwasher’s model that includes:

Whirlpool KUDE03FTBL1, Whirlpool KUDE03FTSS1, Whirlpool KUDE03FTWH1, Whirlpool KUDE40CVBL0, Whirlpool KUDE40CVBL1

Whirlpool KUDE40CVSS0

Whirlpool KUDE40CVBL3, Whirlpool KUDE40CVBL2

Whirlpool provides genuine replacement parts. They are available on all leading online stores with minimum or no delivery cost with different discount offers. They are available in 2 colors: white & black.

Whirlpool is one of the leading brands of dishwasher s and receives good reviews from the customers. They are especially famous for their kitchen appliances. They not only supply whole appliances but also sell genuine parts of the appliances. The parts are available for both old and new models.

Part number: W10056271

Product dimension: product is available in following dimension; 23.4 x 21.8 x 7.4 inches

Weight: this dishwasher rack weighs 2 pounds excluding the shipping packaging.

Dishwasher Lower Rack, for General Electric, Hotpoint, WD28X10335

2. Dishwasher Lower Rack, for General Electric, Hotpoint, WD28X10335

The rack is available for the lower part of dishwasher. This dishwasher rack is compatible with

general electric dishwasher


WD28X305, WD28X10001, WD28X10335.

 Sears, Kenmore, and RCA.

The good thing is this dishwasher rack can fit perfectly with many old models of general electric dishwasher. Even many parts of these models are obsolete but this sturdy dishwasher rack fit perfectly in these models. This sturdy dishwasher rack contains roller for easy movement.

Available by: exact replacement parts

Frigidaire 154319706 Rack Assembly for Dish Washer

3. Frigidaire 154319706 Rack Assembly for Dish Washer

Frigidaire is one of the leading manufacturers of laundry and kitchen appliances. It an American based company that supplies consumer and commercial appliances. Frigidaire is especially famous for offering high quality, energy efficient kitchen appliances that includes dishwashers too. Replacement parts offered by this company are also reliable and versatile in term of compatibility and working.

This sturdy dishwasher rack is ranked 4th HOME IMPOVEMENT TOP 100 LIST. Also it receives some great remarks and reviews from the customer. An average of customers gives 4.3 feedback score out of 5.

This sturdy dishwasher rack is compatible with following models:

Works with models: 12-1063-00-04, 2-1063-23-04




Part number: 154319706

Weight: the item weighs 2 pound without shipping packaging.

Product dimension: the exact dimension is 23.8 x 20.1 x 6.2 inches price range: price ranges from 160$ to 165$. Also available with discounted price.

GE WD28X10331 Rack Low Roll Assembly for Dishwasher

4. GE WD28X10331 Rack Low Roll Assembly for Dishwasher

General electric is a famous brand that manufactures appliances in almost every domain. They have a very strong relationship with their customers due to their consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Their manufactured dishwashers are frequently used in home and as well in commercial kitchen. They are supplying genuine factory part. The sturdy rack is for lower assembly of dishwasher. Rank at number 51 in home improvement appliances top 100 list. This dishwasher rack can hold silverware and have movable plate fingers to accommodate larger pots. Accepted old silverware holder without issue

This dishwasher rack replaces

Part number WD28X10129

Price range: price ranges from 165$ to 175$. Attractive discount offers are also available for this product.

Weight: 2pounds without shipping packaging.

Product dimension: 21.8 x 21 x 5.5 inches.

Wheels attached: yes

WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty applies for this product.

CUSTOMER REVIEW SCORE: 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. [4]

Whirlpool Part Number W10253040: DISHRACK

Whirlpool Part Number W10253040

Another dishwasher rack available in market which is worth to be discuss here. Due to the reliability of the whirlpool brand, customer trust it and happy to spend their money on buying their product. This product is ranked at number 44 in Home improvement top 100 large appliances accessories.

Part number: W10253040

Price range: 165$ to 175$ with different discount offers.

Weight: 2 Pounds.

Customer review: 3.5 out of 5 stars [5]

Buying a dishwasher rack is not a difficult task but it can become difficult if not done properly. Always keep in mind your need and buy according to your budget. Spend a little more on quality product than saving few pennies on sub standard product.

Always conduct a little survey in market and online before buying anything and after evaluating the price and quality, and then buy your required product. Don’t get fooled by discount offer that seems too good to be true.

Always read the full details before ordering anything online. For dishwasher rack, always order a rack that fit perfectly in your dishwasher and don’t relay upon hit and method.

Shopping is an art. Anyone can learn this art by following these rules and never get fooled.

Replacement dishwasher racks don’t have to be terribly expensive, if you buy them online. Local brick and mortar stores add a market of up to 200% or more in order to finance the cost of doing business in a piece of commercial real estate.

But when you buy online, the seller doesn’t incur those excessive charges, and is able to pass the savings along to the consumer. Using powerful look-up software, you can enter a part number right into the web page and the back-end software will do all the work, returning a list of matching dishwasher racks, or any other part, for you to scroll through.

Pictures are included along with pricing, as well as inventory status and shipping information. No wonder people are turning to online sales for negotiating replacement part purchase transactions. Appliance parts for dishwashers are usually found at the same places that sell other appliance parts and kitchen supplies.

When entering information for a replacement rack, you’ll need the model number. The tag location is dependent upon the manufacturer and type of dishwasher. Many dishwashers have the model number right on a tag mounted to the front of the dishwasher.

These tags are typically very durable, using chrome and enamel paint. Portable washers can have the model number on the back or the side of the hose storage. Other places to look for both portable and under-counter built-in units is on top of the door jam, somewhere on the door itself, near the control panel, and the left hand corner of the frame.

Model number tags will usually care the following information: Model number, serial number, rev number, manufacturer name and location, power requirements, and approval agency logos. The model number will consist of a series of numbers and letters. Be as detailed as you can be when entering a description of the model number of a dishwasher into an online search form; it’s the best way to get the correct fitting parts.

Dishwasher racks for a wide range of manufacturers and models are available. People think that manufacturers only make certain certain products, such as refrigerators or stoves. But the truth is that most manufacturers that make a wide selection of types of appliances, including stoves, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers, and water heaters.

Furnishing replacement parts for all of these appliances is a big part of their business. Major manufacturers include GE (General Electric), Kenmore (a Sears brand that is custom made for Sears by Electrolux), Maytag, Whirlpool (known for dependability), Amana, Tappan, White-Westinghouse, Bosch (with their Ascenta Series), Frigidaire, and Electrolux (a European company). Many manufacturers make washers that have the

ENERGY STARŪ approval tag, which means they are very efficient in their energy use. But even these modern appliances break down and need a part to be replaced.


Dishwasher is one the best appliances of the kitchen that one must have. It saves your time, money and hard work of cleaning utensils manually. Just load your dirty dishes, load dish detergent, set the timer and leave the machine to do its work. Within a few minutes you get your dishes clean and dry.

Every electronic product has a limited usage period. This usage time can be extended by taking some measures. One of the factors is handling of equipments and their parts. Companies don’t apply warranty on mishandling by the users because most of the time it is the improper handling that leads to failure of appliances.

There is no denial for the importance of dishwasher but as a dishwasher is an essential appliance so as its parts are. In order to keep your appliance running for a long time, always take care of all the parts of your dishwasher.

Dishwasher rack is an essential part of your dishwasher. For every type of utensils, dishwasher racks serves as the best ride for the dishes to complete their journey inside the dishwasher during the whole cleaning process. Each and every part of rack, weather it is upper rack, lower rack or middle rack have its own importance.

Some dishwasher racks have close tines to accommodate large quantity of plates. Some racks have largely spaced tines to hold bowls and bigger pots. For frequent entertainers, racks have pitch fork tines to hold more and more wine glasses.

Dishwasher racks have also available in different colors so if you have good aesthetic sense or have transparent walled dishwasher, you can try different colored racks too.

Drying the washed utensils is one of the problems especially in small kitchens. I use to spread all the dishes on the counter top and leave them to dry, but it gives an untidy look to my kitchen even after cleaning the whole place. Now dishwasher racks and drainers are available to hold the dishes in it for drying. They consume less space and do a fast drying job. These racks are available in pretty designs, colors and materials. I own a bamboo dish rack that gives a pretty look to my kitchen even after containing dishes in it.

Knowing the importance of dishwasher racks explains the need of taking care of it. Rusting of dishwasher racks can lead to unhygienic environment for your dishes and the purpose of cleaning die with it. Unclean dishwasher rack gives birth to microbial organisms that cause diseases.

Dishwasher saves you from spending a whole lot of money on buying new dishwasher. If your dishwasher racks get rusted, you can just replace it in very less amount of money and make your dishwasher to work for some more time.

Keeping the utensils clean and dry is done by dishwasher and dishwasher racks so you cannot deny the importance of dishwasher racks in a kitchen.


2. Dishwasher Lower Rack, for General Electric, Hotpoint, WD28X10335

A dishwasher is a very important and essential part of a kitchen. It is used to clean the eating-utensils in restaurants and houses. It is a blessing for people because it has replaced the old ways of cleaning utensils in which people have to clean the dishes with their hands.

A dishwasher is available in different sizes and shapes.

There is a problem with dishwashers is that they get rusted and stops working properly with the passage of time because water is frequently used in it. Most of the time problem is with the dishwasher rack. In old times there was no way to fix this problem and people had to replace it which needed a handsome amount of money. But now there are ways with which people can fix these problems at home and they don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a new dishwasher.

The dishwasher rack is mainly made up of metal so it gets rusty. This rust affects the dishes and makes it unhygienic .Unfortunately. It also stains the dishes. New racks cost $80 or above but It can be fixed at home and in fraction of money and in less than an hour. It can be done by taking following simple steps.

But first you need to know the important tools which will help you in fixing these problems at home. These tools are following:


It is also known as plastic repair paint. It is used to prevent rusting and can also be used to cover exposed metal on rack.

ROTARY TOOL with WIRE BRUSHES: It is useful against rusting. It is also used to remove the damaged, broken or bent tines from the dishwasher rack.

DISHWASHER TINE TIPS: It is used to replace missing tips. It can also be used to cover cut lines

The tines of dishwasher rack gets rusted and rust spots can be seen on dishes. To remove it, buy a bottle of vinyl repair paint and a package of tips for displacement which matches your rack color. It is available in any appliance parts store.

If the wheels of the dishwasher gets loosen, the whole rack becomes insecure to keep the dishes. It can fall anytime and the dishes will break. You can find the parts of your rack in any repair parts store but find the specific parts same as your dishwasher rack and replace it.

The tines on the dishwasher rack gets rusted, breaks off or get bent If you over load or load the dishes improperly. If it seems impossible to disband these tines then you can replace it by removing it with rotary tool. To make it more reliable you can use rubber cap to seal the tips of the tines and your dishes will be safe.

Many products are available for dishwasher racks repair in the market. One simple home remedy of removing rust is using limejuice and salt. Mix one part lime juice and 2 parts salt to create a paste which can be applied on sturdy dishwasher racks. The lime juice acidity helps to remove the rust.

What to Look For When Buying a Dishwasher Rack

A dishwasher rack is a blessing when it comes to cleaning business. It gives you the ease of washing your dirty dishes automatically. Dishwashers, after completing their warranty period become flawed. The most common problem faced by the users is rusting of dishwasher racks. Thankfully dishwasher racks are cheap, reliable and easily available so they can be replaced.  The market is full of famous brands that manufacture and supply dishwasher racks. The choice is so varied that one cannot decide what to buy. This guide might help you to select the right one.

Before buying a dishwasher rack, first ask yourself following questions.

Do my dishwasher needs a new dishwasher rack?

Can I repair the dishwasher rack instead of buying new one?

Is my sturdy dishwasher rack model is available in the market?

Should I buy it online or from a store?

Which company should I select to buy my sturdy dishwasher rack?

Would the dishwasher rack fit in my dishwasher?

If you have asked these questions to yourself and find any of the answer in affirmative, then you definitely need a new dishwasher rack. You should look for following things in a sturdy dishwasher when buying a new one.

Dimension of Dish Washer Rack

Every dishwasher has it own dimensions and capacity. Not every dishwasher rack can fit in to every dishwasher. So always know the dimension of your dishwasher and the size of dishwasher rack. See your dishwasher brochure to know the exact dimension of your sturdy dishwasher rack. It saves your time and money from wasting it in buying a product which is of no use to you.

Levels of Dishwasher Racks

Different models of dishwasher contain an upper rack and a lower rack. Where as some recent models also have adjustable middle rack. You should check which sturdy dishwasher rack of your machine needs replacement. Separate upper, lower and middle racks are available in the market.

Utensils Need

Dishwasher racks can affect the dish holding capacity of your dishwasher. Different designs of dishwasher racks are custom to hold different types of dishes. Some racks have close-set tines to hold more plates. Whereas, some have spread out tines to accommodate large dishes and pots. Some dishwasher racks have fold-down tines, fold-away stemware caddies to lock in large quantity of wine glasses and cutlery. If you want to buy a sturdy rack that can accommodate your favorite dish, bring it to the market when buying a new dishwasher rack.

Dishwasher Rack Material

Older models of dishwasher were manufactured with plastic rack. New models of dishwasher racks are made sturdy with metals with nylon coating. Sturdy dishwasher racks are proved to be more efficient because it prevent the chipping, peeling or scratching of racks and utensils. You can replace plastic racks with metal ones depending upon your need and ease.

If you keep these points in mind, you will definitely buy something which proves to be the right choice.

Review of the Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer

Dishwashing is one of the tasks of house cleaning that I hate the most but in order to keep my house clean I have to do this work. Thanks to modern technology, it invented electronic dishwasher that saves us from washing each and every dirty dish from our hand. You can now put all your dirty dishes and utensils in the dishwasher and leave the rest to it. Most of the dishwasher wash and clean the dishes but they don’t dry it.

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One cannot put the wet dishes inside the cabinet. Waiting for the dishes to dry inside the dishwasher is not a good option because it can lead to growth of microorganism like bacteria in your dishes and the purpose of cleaning become useless. As an old convention, I use to spread all the dishes on the kitchen counter top and wait for them to dry.

That takes like forever to dry and the kitchen looks untidy even after cleaning. If you have faced similar situation then you don’t have to worry now because Rubbermaid Company have find a solution for all of us by inventing an antimicrobial dish drainer.

Newell Rubbermaid is a global marketer of consumer and commercial goods that serve millions of people every day where they live, work and play. It is also named as Newell Rubbermaid. It leads in the manufacturing of products in following domain:

Rubbermaid commercial product: commercial and industrial product.

Rubbermaid home organization products and solution.

Rubbermaid healthcare.

Home solution products works in following regions: North America (United States and Canada) and Asia pacific (Australia, Korea, Japan).

Product Review

The sturdy dish drainer, manufactured by Rubbermaid is an antimicrobial dish drainer. Cleaned dishes from the dishwasher can be placed in this rack and left for drying. It have different compartment made to hold all types of utensils and cutlery. Here is the specification of this product:

Model number: 6032ARBLA

Have slots for large sized basic dishes, 13 extra deep dish slots and 8 cup holder slots

Built in anti microbial protection mechanism to prevent growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.

Sturdy design to hold stoneware and china plates.

Dimension measures as 17.62 x 13.8 x 5.9 inches.

The wire tines are coated to prevent the dishes from scratching and chipping.

Specially design silverware cup, made of plastic which can be detached when needed.

The feet portion is cushioned with plastic to prevent scratching.

Weighs only 2 pounds.

Available in small and large size

3 colors option available that are: white, black and red.

Customers like this sturdy dishwasher rack and find it as a very nice, large and more dishes accommodating product at a fairly low price. An average of 4.1 out of 5 stars is awarded by the customers. This sturdy dishwasher rack is ranked 1st in Kitchen & Dining products, dish racks category.

Rubbermaid is the first to introduce a dishwasher rack with lifelong antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria.

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