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People often get swept up in what they saw in a magazine or on HGTV and remodel their kitchen with high gloss cabinets, bold colored appliances, glass backsplashes.  However, like all trends, these will be out of fashion in a few years.  You are better to choose styles and features that have stood the test of time. White kitchens, for instance, are perennially popular, as are those with natural oak doors. Natural materials (or convincing lookalikes) tend not to go out of fashion.

Welcome to the dishwasherUSA, a vital home appliance in the fast-paced world. We know that buying a dishwasher is determinant on various factors such as the family size, the interior available space and other features like sanitation and energy consumption. We have an array of dishwasher types fitting in to the various size categories like the compact, slim line, full size, built in or integrated types and many more.

From the numerous lists available, you can select the one with either minimum or maximum programs, the features that depends on the price and the size. If you want a simple rinse only cycle, we have dishwashers, which suit your budget.

Our review provides an extensive description of the dishwasher structure in terms of the rack, finish, colour, material of construction like stainless steel. We provide the user an insight of the temperature settings available and a peek in to the different types of programs. Moreover, if you go up the prices you can purchase dishwashers with sensor controls, which ensures that the washing process and the after clean affect are of high quality.

We have provided the ratings for the dishwashers with respect to wash performance, dry performance rating and energy efficiency. Besides this, we include the water consumption, noise emission, indicator lights in our specifications table. From all these available data, facts included in our reviews, they offer a supporting hand in picking the right one suitable for your application.

Background on Dishwashers

 Wikipedia defines Dishwasher as “A dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishes and eating utensils. They can be found in restaurants and also in the kitchens of many private residences.”

Traditionally, we always had manual dishwashers. That means, humans washing dishes. There are in fact still jobs available as dishwashers and restaurants and pubs. However it’s changing soon, Dishwasher is no more a “nice to have” appliance and more and more people are bring in this appliance to their kitchen.

Recent study says, Dishwasher is now a leading household appliance in USA, UK, Australia and many other european countries. The sales are growing rapidly in Asia and others part of the world as the world is getting more educated about this appliance. Within the next 5 years, dishwasher will probably overtake other household appliances in pure sales.

 ”Ownership levels of dishwashers have been moving ahead, slowly but surely, recording a growth year-on-year of 8%,” says Caroline Knight, Hoover’s communications manager.
The greatest advantage to buy dishwasher today is the falling prices. Literally the prices have gone down by as much as 70% since last 3 years. Thanks to growing demand, the companies are selling on volume based pricing.

Why do you need Expert Reviews?

In today’s competitive world, there are literally 20 odd dishwashers brands available in the market with over 100+ dishwasher products. Every product has unique features and as a consumer you need to find the product which best suits your needs. How do you do it? Do you quality yourself as a expert in identifying a better company which gives best value for money? Not really. Most of us are pretty much newbies when it comes to buying appliances.

Thats where Dishwashers Reviews help you.

 We have experts from the small and large appliance industry carrying regular research about Dishwasher products and companies. We not only look at the product but we also assess the company. Its very important that you choose the right dishwasher brand. Companies often have serious issues with customer service, manufacturing and quality. We evaluate each of these issues carefully and give assessment. We also look at company manufacturing trend and price ration to give you the best dishwashers deal.

With over 10 years of experience at hand and with over 20 award winning research team in place, we can provide you with the best dishwasher ratings on the internet.

 We have also categorised Dishwashers based on their product use. There are specialised small dishwashers, industrial dishwashers, commercial dishwashers, slimline dishwashers, integrated dishwashers, small compact dishwashers and portable dishwashers. We have tried our best to classify each brand and product based on the product usage.

You can look at our individual dishwasher reviews pages for some of the most popular dishwasher brands and see how they are rated by our Expert Panel.

We assure you that you will find our website the most useful and most powerful dishwasher resource on the web.