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Dishwasher Reviews on the Best Rated Dishwashers

Our dishwasher reviews site helps you make a better decision on your next appliance purchase as via thorough overviews on some of the best rated dishwashers available on the market today.  When it comes to upgrading your home, appliances can be the most cost-effective changes made. Knowing what to look for, on the other hand, can be tricky and confusing when looking to improve efficiency and esthetics.

Some of the brands we write Dishwasher Reviews on include the top models from Bosch, GE, Maytag, LG, and similar leading manufacturers of the best rated dishwashers available today.  If you feel like you’re running your dishwasher more than once just to get clean dishes, or “pre-washing” a load before you even run a cycle, then it’s probably time to look into getting a new dishwasher and reading ratings is one way to find more info on some of the top appliances for your dollar. But what should you be looking for before you buy?

Comparing dishwasher reviews is a way to research for the right model for your needs and your overall budget.  Finding the best rated dishwasher for you and your money often comes down to those dishwashers that offer top value from their reliability, features, efficiency, and how quickly and thoroughly it cleans glass and plastic ware. 

Well the first thing to do is figure out your budget and price points. Despite popular opinion, it’s not always true that a higher price will guarantee you a higher quality clean. According to Consumer Reports, both lower-priced and higher-priced models tend to give the same quality of cleanliness.

What your extra money is often going toward is buying a quieter, easier to load dishwasher with more clean and rinse cycles. So don’t think that you have to throw in the big money just to get a cleaner job done. You have to ask yourself if the extra money is worth the extras it includes.

The second thing to consider is energy efficiency. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any appliance’s Energy Star rating, how much water a single wash uses compared to other models, or how long a single cycle lasts. In the long run, upgrading to more efficient products will lead to saving you money and less harm on the environment.

Many dishwashers come with lots of extra features such as hidden touch controls, digital displays or even dirt sensors.

When looking at different models and deciding which is right for you, compare the price point with what features it comes with, and how vital you consider those features to be.

You can always look up dishwasher reviews on specific models you are interested in, in order to see not only how they review on paper, but how they perform in actuality. 

Other things to consider with reviewing a dishwasher are how easy they will be to repair and will the cost include having it installed? If you plan on installing it yourself, make sure the model is Do-It-Yourself friendly. Are there any rebates or discounts for specific models?  

Always make sure to ask about guarantees and warranties for any appliance you are considering purchasing. All these factors should contribute to your decision about which one is right for you.  Choose a model or category at the top left to start reading our dishwasher reviews and find what is the best rated model for you.

You can find dishwasher reviews all over the Internet. These reviews can be a useful aide in choosing the model for your particular needs as you consider different features and options according to how you normally use a dishwasher, how much electricity you can afford to use and how much space yu have available. Dishwashers are an important part of most kitchens and many major manufacturers continuously enhance their dishwasher models with different options to capture the market. In fact, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming to narrow down all the choices to the best one to fit you needs. Dishwasher reviews can help you do this so that you have a good idea of what you want when you go to purchase one.

Look for dishwasher reviews that cover how different models work for different features and modes of operation. Many times there is a compromise in one area or another and it is a good idea to identify which functions and features are important to you. There are rarely going to be dishwashers that will score top marks in every category, and if one does, it is likely that it will be in a higher price bracket than the other choices. Because some functions can’t be judged by a picture, pay attention to the different ratings. An example of this is how quiet the dishwasher is when it runs. While this might not be a critical feature for you, it should be presented in a good review.

Most reviews contain a section that splits the features into sections and provides information about how different models compare. This may be something seemingly insignificant, such as a light bulb located in the right place to illuminate the area into which the dishes are placed, or something such as economy which is going to be important to the vast majority of buyers. There are now Energy Star standards which are used to make sure that modern appliances are manufactured to a certain standard. In my places, you can even get a discount or rebate for buying an energy efficient model.


Ease of use or usability of a dishwasher is an important factor. Many reviews will include feedback on different notable items that a buyer may want to consider for their own use. Factory tests can come up with a lot of benchmarks which can measure performance in many different ways, but it is only when someone is using the device in real time in their own kitchen that some factors will become apparent. If doors open in a certain way, for example, it may make it difficult to use the unit unless extra space is allowed for so that the user can comfortably reach and operate the unit.

Naturally, the most important feature is how well the dishwasher actually does when washing the dishes. This is impossible to measure in any scientific manner, so the best which can be done is for the testers to try out the unit in practice, and then to give an estimated rating based on the performance. It is vital that this test is carried out comprehensively, and that different types of dishes are used in the test. Many unusually shaped items are notoriously difficult to get clean, and if the machine is able to do this effectively using technology, it is likely to achieve a high rating.

Dishwasher reviews

Most internet reviews of dishwashers can be split into two types. There are reviews which are created by industry specialists in the equivalent of online magazines, and reviews from end users. The reviewers in the professional magazines have one advantage, as they are able to compare the performances of different machines directly, and often within minutes of each other. While these professional reviews can be very detailed and provide a lot of good information, you should be careful to watch for objectivity in the reviews.

Consumer or user reviews of dishwashers can compliment professional reviews because, while they may lack some of the detail in the professional reports, they can highlight longer term experiences of particular models and highlight the value of some features and expose shortcomings from use over a longer period of time.

If you consider using the professional reviews to narrow down models with your required features and then look at consumer reviews to check performance, you should be able to make an informed decision for a dishwasher that will be the best choice for your needs.