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So, you started looking for dishwashers…trying to find the exactly the right one for you – and already your head is spinning?

After a full night of searching the web and dodging every possible pop-up there is, you begin to think that hand washing dishes looks a lot easier than finding the right dishwasher.

The manufacturer’s blurb always sounds convincing, but you know that their main motivation is to sell you their brand. One of the most important questions you’ll have is, which models are the most reliable – yet this is the hardest one to find the answers too.


Don’t despair – help is at hand!

Do you find that once you find a site for the dishwasher you want, you still can’t find the information that you need? Oh, sure, it might be there but they hid it in the middle of ranges, refrigerators, washers and dryers. The longer you search the site the more frustrated you become. Even when you find the dishwasher you’re considering, there’s no dishwasher review or dishwasher rating so you have some basis for comparison. We understand. That’s why we created

Some of the online dishwasher reviews you’ll find on here contain information that manufacturers neglect to mention. This might be as simple as the loud noise that the dishwasher emits when you’re trying to relax or that the dishwasher even removed hardened egg yolk from the dishes, or the frequency and cost of the repair bills. Since the dishwasher ratings and dishwasher reviews come from people that use them, they know what’s important to most homemakers when they rate them.

If all the technical information isn’t what you’re looking for, then will give you personal views and comments from people who have actually owned a Bosch, a Kenmore, a Danby, a Maytag, a Miele, a Whirlpool, an Electrolux or whichever other model you’re thinking about. Yes, it is important to know how much the dishwasher holds, but do you need to know the interior cubic inches? Most of the time, manufacturers and dealers don’t bother telling you that it holds enough dishes for a family of six; they give you the data on the machine. It’s up to you to figure out what that means

The site isn’t just to help you make the right decision. It’s a way for everyone to exchange ideas and opinions about dishwashers. We need you and your thoughts about your new dishwasher. Without your input, we don’t have the most up to date information. You don’t have to be a fantastic writer, you just have to have an opinion and be willing to share it. You can help others with your experiences, whether they’re good ones or bad ones. is a people to people site for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.

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