3 Best Dishwashers Tried and Tested

The dishwasher stands as an emblematic labor-saving appliance, renowned for its water and energy conservation attributes. While any dishwasher offers utility over manual dishwashing, an exceptional model, proficient in cleaning efficacy, ease of loading, low noise emission, and dependable performance, transcends mere functionality.

Following meticulous examination of customer feedback and rigorous testing of 16 models, our recommendation for the foremost dishwasher to contemplate is the Bosch 300 Series SHE53C85N.

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Factors Under Consideration:

Cleaning Performance:

Our evaluation involves stress-testing dishwashers by washing dishes soiled with challenging-to-remove food residues. This method enables us to identify top-performing units.


Dishwashers equipped with adjustable racks featuring versatile configurations accommodate various items, from tall pitchers to large pots. Additionally, the presence of a third rack can enhance usability.


Given that dishwashers recycle a limited volume of water per cycle, an efficient filtration system is crucial. It ensures the removal of debris, thereby preventing the occurrence of gritty residues on dishes.

Cycle Duration:

Advanced sensors dynamically adjust cleaning durations, optimizing efficiency. Dishwashers completing cycles in under 90 minutes are particularly noteworthy for their time-saving capabilities.

Among the array of models scrutinized, the Bosch 300 Series SHE53C85N stands out for its unparalleled amalgamation of cleaning efficacy, practical features, and value proposition. Since 2017, we have consistently recommended the 300 Series for its exceptional performance.

The 300 Series SHE53C85N boasts adjustable and capacious racks, offering enhanced loading flexibility. This allows for the convenient washing of various items, spanning from dishes to taller pots and pans, all in a single cycle. Furthermore, featuring a bottom-rack cutlery basket along with a third rack accommodating cutlery, ramekins, or larger spoons, this dishwasher optimizes space utilization.

Operational silence characterizes the functioning of this dishwasher, rendering it virtually imperceptible during operation, unless in immediate proximity.

However, akin to many dishwashers, this model encounters challenges in fully drying plastic items. For individuals prioritizing bone-dry plasticware, this aspect may pose a limitation.

The 300 Series SHE53C85N boasts a recessed handle complemented by a touch-sensitive control panel, exhibiting reliable performance even when wet. Moreover, its design seamlessly integrates with Bosch’s Home Connect app, facilitating effortless tracking of cycle timing or the optional preservation of frequently utilized dishwasher settings, a feature seamlessly operable during our testing phase.

Bosch is well-known for its consistent reliability. This specific model includes a one-year warranty covering both parts and labor.

Dishwasher USA D 3 Best Dishwashers Tried and Tested

The Maytag MDB8959SKZ represents a robust dishwasher, exhibiting commendable cleaning prowess that nearly rivals our top-rated selection in our rigorous assessments. Noteworthy is its superior capability in drying plastic items compared to most competing models, attributed to its optional heated-dry cycles, albeit at the cost of extending wash cycles by 30 to 60 minutes.

Featuring adjustable racks, the MDB8959SKZ offers enhanced loading versatility compared to our primary recommendation. However, it lacks stemware holders present in our other top choices, and its rack maneuverability is marginally less fluid.

Distinguished by a notably deeper third rack than our preferred model, the MDB8959SKZ is adept at accommodating mugs, glasses, bowls, and larger utensils like spatulas. Nevertheless, its flatware capacity is relatively limited, and it comes equipped with only one handle style.

Manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, renowned for its reliability and readily available replacement parts, the MDB8959SKZ comes backed with a one-year warranty covering parts and labor, alongside an extensive 10-year warranty for its racks and stainless steel tub.


Despite being nearly double the price of our primary recommendation, the Miele G7106 justifies its premium cost through its remarkable cleaning efficiency and advanced features, bolstered by Miele’s renowned reputation for reliability.

Benefiting from Miele’s QuickIntenseWash technology and the added versatility of its Express Mode option, the G7106 excels in swiftly delivering impeccably clean dishes, even tackling stubborn residues like baked-on eggs, a feat unmatched by any other dishwasher in our testing repertoire.

Its robust racks offer ample space and boast enhanced user-friendliness compared to counterparts from competing brands.

Operating at a whisper-quiet 43 decibels, the G7106 remains virtually imperceptible during operation, ensuring minimal disruption.

An added convenience is the automatic door opening feature at the end of each cycle, expediting drying, including plastic items, while also providing a visual cue for completion, which proves invaluable when audible alerts or indicators are insufficient.

Backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty covering both parts and labor, the G7106 boasts the lengthiest initial warranty period among all our recommended selections.

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