Top 8 Best 18 INCH Dishwashers

Avanti Built in Dishwashers

Avanti Appliances, like Danby Appliances, is likely to be a company you’ve never heard of due to the nature of their specialty products.


Founded over 30 years ago they’ve become a leader in the compact appliance market. Popular for offices and dorms,

These appliances are now finding their way into homes with small or galley kitchens and even as a secondary use in basements. Some even have placed them in recreational vehicles and large water craft.

Avanti actually offers both an 18 inch and a 20-inch dishwasher to provide a better fit without the need to trim around a cabinet.

Available only in white and stainless steel fronts, a black front is not available as a color option at this time. However both current models offer stainless steel tubs, 7 wash cycles and extra long adjustable legs to make installation a snap regardless of counter height.

A list of retailers that offer Avanti 18 inch dishwashers is below on the left. Amazon listings are in the center and you will find active auctions we found on eBay are on the right.

Some retailers may also offer their Avanti products on eBay through eBay stores, so be sure to compare prices across different venues.

Bosch 18 Inch Dishwashers

The 18-inch Bosch Integra Dishwasher opens up a world of possibilities. The design allows you to enjoy state-of-the-art Bosch dish washing technology virtually anywhere: small kitchens, mini bars, or even as an extra unit in your full-sized kitchen. And every 18-inch Integra complies with ADA (American Disabilities Act).

Known for it’s full size dishwashers incredible quiet, Bosch has once again managed to excel with a noise rating in the 48dBA range for it’s compact dishwashers.

Bosch provides very limited quantities of these 18 inch dishwashers. Finding one can be very difficult. You will find a listing below of the handful we were able to locate through online sources.

On the left are direct online retailers. In the middle are Amazon sellers that at the time of this writing had limited quantities available in their inventory.

On the right is an automatically updating list from eBay. If there are any 18 inch Bosch dishwashers available on eBay,

We encourage you to click through the dishwashers that are displayed in this list and bid quickly or use “buy it now” to insure you are able to get one of these top of the line 18 inch dishwashers

Danby 18 Inch Dishwashers

Founded in 1947 as a specialty manufacturer of small appliances and compact refrigerators, Danby is probably the biggest appliance company you’ve never heard of.

They don’t have a large marketing budget, rather they compete side by side with the better known companies on the floor of retailers.

Being a specialty appliance company provides them a unique focus when it comes to building 18 inch dishwashers.

The compact dishwashers are Energy Star compliant and offer a low water usage feature that make them extremely eco-friendly. Comparable Danby 18-inch dishwashers are often priced $100 to $150 lower than the better-known brands.

Below you will see a listing of Danby 18 inch dishwashers that we compiled from various online resources. On the left are merchant websites that offer the Danby product line, while on the right are dishwashers that are currently listed for sale on eBay.

You may find that the listings on eBay are selling for as much as or more than the same dishwasher found on a merchant website, so be sure to check both options and verify the model numbers

Frigidaire 18 Inch Dishwashers

Frigidaire, owned by Electrolux, is likely the most popular 18 inch dishwasher on the market. This is primarily due to the numerous high end features that are available for the price of a mid-range dishwasher.

Frigidaire has most accurately mimicked the features of their high end full size professional series dishwashers in a compact size. Offering a direct feed upper wash system, stainless steel tub, nylon coated racks with tines in the upper rack and a heated convection drying system.

The only thing lacking in this well designed 18 inch dishwasher is a built in hard food disposal and upper rack only wash. But in a compact dishwasher these are features that are not needed to the degree they would be in a full size dishwasher.

We like this dishwasher so much we’ve located as many potential sellers as possible. Below on the left are 18 inch dishwashers you may purchase direct from several online retailers.

Units available through Amazon are in the middle and on the right are eBay auctions that feature this Frigidaire compact dishwasher.

GE 18 Inch Dishwashers

GE Appliances are manufactured by and on behalf of the General Electric Corporation, named the largest public company in the world by Forbes in 2009.

Although GE announced in May 2006 they were interested in selling the appliance division which is based in Louisville Kentucky, though it put those plans on hold in early 2009.

GE Appliances, now re-focused on its place within the company, the division has produced the largest selection of 18 inch built-in dishwashers. Featuring their popular Spacemaker, Profile and Monogram product lines with prices ranging from high $600’s to $1,000 as the suggested retail.

We’ve researched several online merchants that offer these dishwashers and listed their selection below on the left. But be sure to check out the GE 18 inch dishwashers listed currently on eBay to find an even better deal below on the right.

Haier 18 Inch Dishwashers

The Haier 18″ Dishwasher is a rare breed. Although it’s price is likely to be among the lowest available, we’ve not been able to find many retailers offering the brand. In fact even eBay, known for having almost anything, rarely has any of these units available.

Perhaps the availability issue is due to the lack of name recognition, perhaps it’s the recent backlash against so many “Made in China” products, regardless if you find a Haier 18″ dishwasher available for sale it’s best to grab it at that time.

They offer a 1 year limited warranty which is pretty standard in the industry and should not pose any more or less risk in break downs than better known brands.

Below on the left you will find an up to date listing of 18″ Haier dishwashers available through our automated search from online retailers, in the middle are any listings from Amazon, and on the right is a list of eBay auctions, if any are available, that feature the Haier 18″ dishwasher.

Kenmore 18 Inch Dishwashers

Kenmore, the store brand for Sears, is built by a variety of manufacturers as there are no ‘Kenmore Appliance’ factories any where in the world.

This means that you may purchase a Kenmore 18 inch dishwasher that was built by Frigidaire or Whirlpool or any of the other 18 inch dishwasher manufacturers. However, without knowing specifically who built the appliance it is difficult to provide an honest opinion of the models.

If you’ve been into a local Sears store, you’ll notice the lack of display models. For this particular style of dishwasher, you’ll do better by ordering online and picking up in the store in a few days.

Below on the left are several versions of the Kenmore dishwasher, on the right are some auctions that are currently active on eBay.

Whirlpool 18 Inch Dishwashers

Whirlpool Corporation, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world, offers surprisingly only a single 18 inch dishwasher. At the time of this post the only Whirlpool 18 inch dishwasher available in two color choices.

18 inch dishwashers

The DU018DWT is available in white or black but not stainless steel. This seems to contradict the rest of the Whirlpool appliance lineup which heavily features stainless steel appliances and leaves the compact stainless steel dishwasher market open to Whirlpool competitors.

The dishwasher uses a tower wash system which sprays non-pressurized water onto the dishes on the top rack as opposed to a direct feed upper wash as is featured in most of their full size dishwashers. The DU018DWT does offer a stainless steel tub and Energy Star qualification.

Best Dishwasher

We had a great deal of difficulty even finding this model for sale. Below on the left you’ll find the handful of direct retailers, in the middle are sellers on Amazon that offer this 18 inch dishwasher. On the lower right are auctions, if any, that offer it for sale on eBay.

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