Top Rated 10 Best Dishwasher Reviews

Dishwashers continue to evolve as the hardest working gadget in your household, constantly bringing new features and better quality year after year.

But how would you choose the best dishwasher from more than a hundred unique models?

With hundreds of different models to choose from, choosing a dishwasher that suits your needs and budget can be intimidating. We have carefully curated Top Rated 10 Best Dishwashers to make it easy, so you can feel confident about your decision.

The dishwasher’s practical and economical aspect is well established. Hand washing requires at least 30 liters of water per wash, in terms of water and electricity consumption.

A good dishwasher consumes a cycle of fewer than 15 liters. The cost of the energy needed to heat the water by hand will be comparable to the dishwasher consumption, a modest 25 cents per wash.

By choosing to purchase a dishwasher, you will be offered the opportunity to enjoy many advantages which we will discuss below. You can pick your favorite from the following list that meets all your needs and requirements.

1. BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

Black + Decker is such a trusted brand as its designers think of just about everything customers might need. In this product, their strategy is no different and one can see why many regard it as one of the best portable counter top dishwasher options on the market: there’s even a child lock feature that makes it perfect for homes with kids.

They are offering a delayed start option for this counter top dishwasher model that allows you to program a cycle up to 24 hours in advance. The LED screen shows the time of day and helps guide you in running the washer at a convenient time to work.

It’s often fast running with the average run time being 100 minutes, much quicker than other modern devices, which can take two to three hours for their long runs. It is not the most inexpensive device, but it will be worth it for the attractive design and user-friendly LED display.

The six-place washer setup will accommodate up to 10 inches of dishes. The points around the inside provide you with spaces to protect your dishes while in the washing machine, without risking them moving around.


  • Convenient controls.
  • It comes with Child Lock.
  • High-efficiency rating.
  • Stainless steel interior–very string and quality.
  • 6 place settings where you can place different kitchen appliances.


  • Not everyone prefers the black and white layout.
  • Some people reported that it got broken but it may be due to their mistake.
  • Expensive.

2. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

Thanks to its small size and lightweight the hOmeLabs Compact Countertop dishwasher is one of the best portable dishwashers available on the market. This system will change your routine for dishwashing; make it quick and simple without taking up a lot of room.

It may be tiny, but with this great-value dishwasher, hOmeLabs sure have not cut down on special features.

For a benchtop dishwasher, the hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher is an excellent choice. It has a very sleek and modern style that fits your countertop perfectly. The unit holds up to 6 table settings and can be used in one of six modes.

The hOmeLabs Compact Countertop has been designed to fit easily, at a width of just 21.6 inches and a height of just 17.2 inches. This is perfect if there is not much space for more equipment in your house.

HomeLabs device offers a male/female thread connector for trouble-free connection as a courtesy. Certain devices include an inlet and drain hose and a round-shaped water outlet adapter. Therefore, if you have a round-shaped faucet outlet with reversible aerators, water connection becomes a breeze.


  • Efficient, compact countertop dishwasher.
  • Cleans dishes effectively.
  • Efficient wash cycle time.
  • An affordable option for countertop dishwasher.
  • On completion of the cycle, the buzzer will sound for 8 seconds in order to inform you about the same.


  • Not enough wash options available.
  • It doesn’t dry as well as some other models.
  • You need to attend dishwasher once the cycle is over.

3. EdgeStar DWP62SV 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Portable Countertop Dishwasher Review

One thing that puts people off using a dishwasher is the fear that their energy bills are going to spike. This can impact both the pocket and the climate. Despite the protection of the ecosystem is a key concern these days, you will want to do your part.

Luckily, without the shame, you will be willing to use the EdgeStar DWP62SV 6 Place Setting Energy. This amazing model is energy star rated so you can be sure it’s not going to trigger energy bills to skyrocket. This strong model often provides very low water usage, as an added bonus.

If a portable dishwasher will match plates of reasonable diameter, washing plates instantly become much more soothing. And this portable countertop dishwasher from EdgeStar has the capacity to hold plates in diameter of up to 10.5 inches. Hence, this quality made it rapidly successful in the industry.

The seven wash cycle options make this compact countertop dishwasher different from most versions. Although seven modes help to wash perfectly, the built-in rinse agent dispenser eliminates spotting on plates. In fact, in conjunction with a strong spray arm, an internal water heater destroys the bacteria and germs found on items.


  • Very easy to install and operate.
  • It comes with a delayed start setting.
  • 3 different color options available.
  • Plate holding capacity of 10.5 inches in diameter makes dish-washing easier.
  • It comes with an in-built water heater which helps to kill germs and bacteria present on the items.


  • Difficulties during hook-up.
  • Some of the parts are a little flimsy.

4. Sunpentown SD-2202W Countertop Dishwasher with Delay Start Review

The white SPT SD-2202W Countertop Dishwasher can be easily transported and can be put anywhere. The dishwasher is designed with a robust stainless steel interior that would last for years.

If you are out of your house but at a certain moment, you want to wash your dishes simply use the delay option to postpone the washing! You can delay the start, up to 8 hours.

Sunpentown makes great countertop dishwashers.  Six cycles of washing and position settings render this an even sweeter opportunity, and the 2202W is not dissatisfied. A faucet adapter provides easy and simple hookup. Stainless steel covers the inside of the countertop dishwasher, so there is no need to think about getting messed up inside.

It has also been fitted with an LED indicator which helps you to know the service you use. On the other side, a faucet adapter that is compatible with many kitchen faucets is required for this. It is built for an attractive look with white exterior and stainless steel inside. It’ll also fit with most of your kitchen decor.

The dishwasher has a form factor. The SPT Countertop Dishwasher has a full panel control console. The SPT Countertop Dishwasher is very lightweight and efficient though (120 volts). The dishwasher will between the standard countertop and cabinet.


  • Ease of Operation.
  • Appropriate Size.
  • Not much noisy.
  • It does not require as much detergent as a full-size unit.


  • It can’t be readily connected to standard fittings, as with a regular under-counter model.
  • Some users complained of getting a broken piece.

5. Bosch SHX878WD5N 800 Series Built-In Dishwasher Review

This dishwasher includes six wash cycles, a delay-start mode and a third rack adaptive. The rack lets owners intuitively put dishes and small items, fit more parts and ensure better cleaning.

There are 16 place settings with the 3rd rack. Hence owners can wash dishes in a single load.

The exterior and interior made of stainless steel are incredibly durable. Furthermore, the dishwasher is extremely quiet when running, and it includes a lid and small item compartment Small items in the dishwasher don’t break So, users do not have to worry about losing small pieces in the blades of the dishwasher.

Several customers complain the capacity of the interior is not big enough. Even with the third rack, the closing finish does not allow many items to be placed during a wash cycle.


  • Very Quiet.
  • Great cleaning ability and features.
  • Panel-ready design.
  • The Dish Racks are very well placed.


  • Some users complained that it does not fully dry the dishes.
  • The 4-second safety feature gets annoying at times.

6. Frigidaire FFID2426TD 24” Built-in Dishwasher Review

If all you need is a simple and inexpensive dishwasher then it’s worth considering Frigidaire FFID2426TD. The model has different wash cycles including Standard, Heavy 30 Min Wash, Power Saver, China Crystal, and Only Rinse. The cycles ensure the dishes are cleaned with the proper treatment.

This dishwasher has a large capacity in one wash cycle, with about 12 place settings. The size is adequate and will meet most of the typical need for family dishwashing. This supports the groundbreaking OrbitClean technologies of the product and has a wash arm mounted with a blade sprayer.

It ensures it occupies a larger area and includes utensils that are properly washed. You can monitor and adjust the water pressure thanks to theAquaSurge technologies used. Therefore, the ability to adjust a wash from delicate ones to rough messes for any sort of dish.

The unit produces lower noise levels Therefore, you won’t get interrupted as it runs. In comparison to this dishwasher is accredited ENERGY STAR, which indicates it follows the energy efficiency requirements of the EPA. Which reduces the levels of carbon emissions and protects the environment.


  • Good capacity.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Availability of multiple color options.


  • Noisy.
  • Not portable.

7. Bosch SHX3AR75UC Ascenta 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher Review

Bosch is already an industry-famous brand for delivering high-quality and reliable dishwasher products. One of the best dishwasher products they have produced is the Bosch SHX3AR75UC model which makes it a part of our list.

The first thing to notice about this dishwasher is its fully-integrated sensors, combined with its exterior design of stainless steel. It implies that from the outside the dishwasher looks very nice and stunning.

The pros are it’s easy to install, it’s quiet and it’s good for cleaning dishes. The drawback is that it doesn’t dry easily, and some buyers found the dishwasher hadn’t wiped the soap off some of the dishes.

This dishwasher has 14 place settings, and the upper rack is also adjustable. This size is certainly appropriate for a growing household’s everyday usage. Consumers of this dishwasher must take precautions to load it with dishes. Hence, it should be taken into account before use.

The Bosch SHX3AR75UC is also robust. When you end up buying this dishwasher, it can certainly support you for years. If you’re still concerned, you can also take advantage of their one-year warranty which should benefit you.


  • Easy to install.
  • Has 14 Place Settings.
  • Cleans dishes well.
  • 6 wash cycles with 2 different processes.
  • Clean exterior with fully-integrated controls.


  • It does not dry well.
  • Some users do not prefer the rack design of this model.

8. Frigidaire FFBD1821MW Built in Full Console Dishwasher Review

This is a compact dishwasher for those who don’t have much load to put with. There is also a very intuitive segment with multiple cycles to choose from based on the load and the need for cleaning.

You can also pick a 2-4 hour delay which is highly convenient if you have a busy schedule and need to plan your day.

Frigidaire FFBD1821MW Full Console Built-in Dishwasher is also a lightweight 18” dishwasher manufactured in the US. It is a dishwasher of a perfect size for a medium-sized kitchen. This provides enough power for a medium-sized family’s cleaning needs but is best suited for people with fewer loads of dirty dishes.

It is an energy-efficient drying option dishwasher, with the voltage at 120 volts. It is also certified by Energy Star, and consistent with ADA. It comes with the option Energy Saver Dry as well as a high-temperature delay start that helps you to configure your dishwasher to work on your personal timetable.

It also contains an energy saver dry option that allows you to maximize the drying process to save power when sparkling clean and dry dishes come out.


  • Durable stainless steel build.
  • User-friendly.
  • Compact design.
  • Energy-efficient drying.


  • Limited Capacity.

9. EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18 Inch Wide 8 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Built-In Dishwasher Review

The EdgeStar BIDW1802SS is a lightweight dishwasher with a space-efficient design and stainless steel tub. Featuring 2 adjustable racks in conjunction with a comfortable wash and dry system, this lightweight dishwasher can accommodate up to 8 place settings and deliver clean and dry dishes to perfection.

Wide and hard-to-clean items including pots, pans, mixing cups, casseroles, and baking trays, should be put inside the lower rack. To ensure optimal cleaning the silverware basket separated into compartments to hold different forms of cutlery, is placed at the center and towards the back.

It comes with six cycles. Each process comes with each customization and washes intensities to suit different dish loads. Other options include Sanitize, Hi-Temp Wash, Heated Dry, Control Lock, 24 Hour Delay Start, and Start/Cancel.

The drying quality is further improved by the stainless steel tub and the corresponding external finishes guarantee reliable operation. The interior materials also add to sound-proofing properties. The dishwasher then runs at just 52 dBA.


  • Stainless steel interior.
  • Heater-assisted drying.
  • Adjustable upper rack.
  • Compact 18-inch design.


  • Bad plastic feet.
  • There are no installation instructions with this dishwasher.

10. EdgeStar BIDW1802WH 18 Inch Wide 8 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Built-In Dishwasher Review

This 18-inch Built-In Dishwasher (BIDW1802W) EdgeStar can be installed in smaller spaces. What’s more, it has enough room to accommodate eight place settings.

The built-in option is ideal for small kitchens. Given its limited size, this compact dishwasher will handle up to 8 place settings so there will be no trouble with its connection. The ECO program includes six washing cycles that save water and energy. The quick wash can save a lot of time.

The Glass system helps to ensure the secure cleaning of cups, wine glasses, and beakers. You can also choose a proper temperature system from this small dishwasher’s 3 options: Heated Dry, High Temp, and Sanitize. These functions as the leakage sensor silent 52dB operation and user-friendly control panel maintain high user-friendliness.

The LED indicator is used for time indication which is specific to the dishes and pots for washing. Great compact dishwasher washing, which the users prefer. Dishes and pots are properly cleaned within a given period of time. The LED device is more advanced and accurate, in which the wash cycle period and time are also displayed on the screen.


  • Great design.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Control automatic leakage.
  • Better in consuming light and water.


  • Difficulty in reading the display screen.
  • May struggle on bigger loads.

How To Choose The Best Dishwasher (Dishwasher Buying Guide)

Today’s dishwashers are equipped with advanced technologies that clean up dishes while using less than half of the water and electricity that were offered twenty years ago.

Dishwashers can save you time and effort plus a huge amount of money on your bills. That’s why we have written this guide to help you identify the unit with the best energy ranking in some of the more complicated ways when it comes to purchasing, such as assembly questions, technical terms like place setting, etc.

Whether you are remodeling the house, choosing appliances for a new home, or just updating the dishwasher from an older model, we will help you find the right dishwasher. Use this guide to explore the designs and finishes of the dishwasher, discover what defines how silent a dishwasher is working, and know the features that make the dishes shine.

Here are some of the features you should look for when you buy a dishwasher for your home.

  • Quiet Performance

Many dishwashers come with sound suppression kits and this could involve, depending on the supplier, insulation materials, a solid base that blocks sound a motor equipped for fewer moving parts and other sound-reducing technologies.

No matter what the sound control package includes, the main feature to check for is the decibel level or dBA value when evaluating dishwasher noise levels. Manufacturers use different terms to describe how they reduce sound, but the only true comparison is the decibel level.

Dishwashers are relatively quiet with a rating between 40 and 50. The smaller the total number, the quieter your dishwasher will be during operation.

Steer away from a dishwasher with a hard-food dispenser or self-cleaning device when the noise level is a problem. That style of filter is more versatile than the manual-clean version, because it does not require washing, and without scraping, dishes can go straight from table to dishwasher.

  • Save Money on Bills

Energy-efficient dishwashers use less water and electricity through the use of advanced technology, and you’ll still get sparkling efficiency. Search for machines with EU A++ and A+++ energy scores that are not only better for the environment but that will save you money on your bills.

Yet technologies such as Bosch’s LoadSensor detect while washing a smaller load to ensure that only the required amount of water yet energy is being used.

  • Quick Wash

Fast cleaning programs are available on the most dishwashers, but many of these may leave moist dishes. Advanced systems such as Bosch VarioSpeed Plus will completely clean and dry a full load of dishes, minimizing rinsing time by up to 66%. When you need dishes rapidly, simply select the VarioSpeed Plus option.

  • Cycles

Many dishwashers provide the same simple cycles of washing as light, normal and hard, which is mostly used for pots and pans. Specialized cycles add extra cleaning power, or fix various types of dishwashing activities. The more cycles and options you have, the more you can tailor the cleaning to suit different load styles. The use of new, advanced machines, though, may allow washing time longer.

  • Loading your Dishwasher

Bid farewell to the days when you stopped placing other things in your dishwashers, such as bigger utensils and strange plates. Search for the following versatile loading features on your new dishwasher, and it will be a pleasure to clean up between meals.

Third racks provide much more space and are ideal for bigger utensils and cooking equipment such as whisks, pliers, and knives. Here too, odd-shaped and miniature things such as espresso cups, baby bottle caps and measuring cups fit very well. Many third racks have tines in silverware, but silverware can not hold together and avoid a rigorous cleaning process.

  • Wash Systems

Many dishwashers have three rotary spray arms at the top, middle and bottom of the dishwasher tub which spin and circulate water during the wash cycles. Multi-stage washing devices and washer arms provide more thorough cleaning than a machine with just one or two revolving arms.

Many manufacturers are introducing hundreds of strategically placed spray jets for more efficient cleaning and blast away stuck-on food during pot-scrubbing cycles or turbo wash modes. There are always new types of spray arms and wash systems being created, so look for emerging technology in this field as manufacturers create new ways to reach every nook and cranny of the dishwasher tub.

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