Can Farberware Pots Go In The Dishwasher

In the world of modern kitchen appliances and cookware, Farberware stands as a renowned name synonymous with quality and durability. The debate about whether Farberware pots can go in the dishwasher is a common query among kitchen enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of this question to provide you with a clear answer, backed by expert advice and insights. Let’s explore the ins and outs of using your Farberware pots in the dishwasher.

Understanding Farberware Cookware

Before we jump into the dishwasher compatibility question, it’s essential to understand the materials and construction of Farberware pots. Farberware offers a wide range of cookware, including stainless steel, non-stick, and aluminum options. Each type of cookware has unique characteristics, which can affect its suitability for the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel Farberware Pots

Stainless steel Farberware pots are renowned for their durability and heat-conducting properties. They are often used for tasks like searing, braising, and simmering. The key question here is whether these robust pots can withstand the dishwasher’s high-pressure jets and detergents.

Dishwasher Compatibility

The answer to whether Farberware pots can go in the dishwasher depends largely on the type of pot you own. Let’s break it down by material:

Stainless Steel Farberware Pots

Stainless steel pots are generally dishwasher safe, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Quality Matters: The quality of the stainless steel matters. High-quality stainless steel pots are less likely to corrode or discolor in the dishwasher. Farberware is known for producing top-notch stainless steel cookware, which is more likely to withstand the dishwasher’s rigors.
  2. Avoid Harsh Detergents: It’s advisable to use mild dishwasher detergents to prevent any potential damage to the stainless steel’s finish.
  3. Handwashing for Longevity: While stainless steel Farberware pots can go in the dishwasher, handwashing them is still the preferred method for preserving their appearance and longevity.

Non-Stick Farberware Pots

Farberware also offers a range of non-stick cookware, which is excellent for low-fat cooking and easy food release. However, non-stick pots require more caution when it comes to dishwashers:

  1. Handwashing Recommended: Non-stick coatings can deteriorate over time if exposed to harsh dishwasher detergents and high water temperatures. For non-stick Farberware pots, it’s best to stick to handwashing to prolong their non-stick properties.
  2. Check the Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific care instructions, as they may vary depending on the type of non-stick coating used.

Aluminum Farberware Pots

Aluminum cookware is known for its excellent heat distribution. While aluminum Farberware pots can go in the dishwasher, there are some considerations:

  1. Anodized Aluminum: Farberware’s anodized aluminum cookware is dishwasher safe and resistant to staining or discoloration.
  2. Regular Aluminum: If your Farberware pot is made of regular aluminum, it’s advisable to handwash it, as aluminum can react with dishwasher detergents and potentially discolor.

Best Practices for Dishwashing Farberware Pots

To ensure the longevity of your Farberware pots, follow these best practices when using the dishwasher:

  1. Load Carefully: Place pots and pans in a way that prevents them from touching or nesting, which can lead to scratches.
  2. Use the Top Rack: Whenever possible, use the top rack of your dishwasher for cookware to minimize exposure to the dishwasher’s heat and water pressure.
  3. Mild Detergents: Opt for mild, non-abrasive dishwasher detergents to protect the finish of your cookware.
  4. Handwashing as an Alternative: If you want to be extra cautious or have older Farberware pots, consider handwashing them to ensure their longevity.


In conclusion, the question of whether Farberware pots can go in the dishwasher comes down to the type of pot you own. Stainless steel Farberware pots are generally safe for the dishwasher, while non-stick and aluminum pots require more careful handling. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider the longevity of your cookware when making the decision. By following the best practices for dishwashing, you can enjoy your Farberware pots for many delicious meals to come.

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