Can I Put My Bong In The Dishwasher

In the world of cannabis enthusiasts, bongs are cherished companions. These intricate water pipes come in various shapes and sizes, often tailored to personal preferences. Yet, when it comes to cleaning them, the question arises: can I put my bong in the dishwasher? In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of cleaning your beloved bong and provide you with effective alternatives.

The Art of Bong Cleaning

Cleaning your bong is essential for maintaining its functionality and preserving the flavors of your chosen herbs. A dirty bong can lead to a harsh smoking experience and even health risks due to the accumulation of harmful residues.

Traditional Cleaning Methods

  1. Hand Cleaning: The most common method involves using hot water, salt, and isopropyl alcohol to scrub away resin and grime.
  2. Pipe Cleaners: Long, flexible pipe cleaners are ideal for reaching narrow spots, ensuring a thorough clean.

The Dishwasher Dilemma

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – can you put your bong in the dishwasher? It’s a tempting idea for those looking to simplify the cleaning process, but it comes with several caveats.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros of Dishwasher Cleaning:
    • Convenience: It’s an effortless way to clean your bong without manual scrubbing.
  2. Cons of Dishwasher Cleaning:
    • Risk of Damage: Most bongs are not dishwasher-safe due to their delicate nature. The heat and powerful jets of water can break glass components or weaken seals.
    • Residue Issues: Dishwashers may not remove stubborn resin completely, leaving you with a partially clean bong.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

Given the potential risks of dishwasher cleaning, it’s advisable to explore alternative cleaning methods that are safer and equally effective.

Lemon and Baking Soda Soak

  1. Ingredients: Lemon slices, baking soda, hot water.
  2. Procedure: Submerge your bong in a mixture of hot water, lemon slices, and baking soda. Let it soak for a few hours before rinsing thoroughly.

Vinegar and Rice Method

  1. Ingredients: White vinegar, uncooked rice.
  2. Procedure: Pour vinegar and a handful of uncooked rice into your bong, then shake vigorously. The rice acts as an abrasive agent, while vinegar breaks down residue.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions

  1. Cleaning Products: Several specialized bong cleaning solutions are available in the market. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.


In conclusion, while the idea of tossing your bong into the dishwasher may seem convenient, it’s generally not recommended due to the potential risks of damage and incomplete cleaning. Instead, opt for tried-and-true cleaning methods like hand cleaning, lemon and baking soda soak, or vinegar and rice method to keep your bong in pristine condition.

Cleaning your bong is an essential part of the cannabis experience, ensuring a smooth, flavorful, and safe smoke every time. Experiment with different cleaning methods to find the one that suits your preferences and, most importantly, keeps your bong in excellent shape.


1. Can I use regular dish soap to clean my bong?

  • While you can use dish soap, it may not effectively remove resin buildup. Specialized cleaning solutions or alternative methods are recommended.

2. How often should I clean my bong?

  • Cleaning frequency depends on usage, but a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine is generally advisable to maintain optimal performance.

3. Can I put metal or acrylic bongs in the dishwasher?

  • It’s generally not recommended for any type of bong, as the dishwasher’s heat and jets can still cause damage or insufficient cleaning.

4. Are there any health risks associated with a dirty bong?

  • Yes, a dirty bong can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi, posing health risks when inhaled. Regular cleaning is essential for a safe smoking experience.

5. Is there a specific technique for cleaning intricate or decorative bongs?

  • For intricate bongs, consider using specialized brushes or pipe cleaners to reach all areas effectively. Be gentle to avoid damaging delicate designs or ornaments.

Remember that keeping your bong clean not only enhances your smoking experience but also prolongs the lifespan of your beloved piece. So, choose a cleaning method that works best for you and enjoy a consistently enjoyable smoking experience.

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