Checklist to Choose the Best Dishwasher

A good first step is to think about how you’ll use your best dishwasher. How often will you use your best dishwasher?

Would you like dishwashers that have the option of running small loads of dishes more frequently? Do you have large pans, pots, and dishes that need regular washing?

How important is the dishwasher noise factor? Our best dishwasher consumer reviews will disclose all these details and help you understand the designs and attributes that matter most to you.

Most people opt for the dishwasher of standard size. Built-in dishwashers have unfinished sides as they are designed to be installed under the countertops.


Many of the built-in dishwashers come with a tall-tub design that provides more interior space for the tall items and larger loads, such as platters and cookie sheets.

If you have a smaller kitchen or need a dishwasher for your office, there are compact dishwashers that are also available some are portable dishwasher while others are built-in dishwashers.

Our site reviews them and provides you with all the information that you need to know about them as well as advising you on some of the best dishwasher choices for you.

Best Dishwasher Criteria we use to Analyse

When analyzing and advising you about best dishwasher in the market we cover the following areas;

1. Design and Finishes of Best Dishwasher

This is the first criteria we use when reviewing a dishwasher; we check whether it will fit the modern style and design of various kitchens. Finishes, control panels, and handles also have a weight on how the dishwasher will rank on our site. We check all these and recommend the best dishwasher for you; and also inform you whether they suit smaller kitchen or offices like the 18-inch dishwasher, medium kitchen, or large dishwashers for a spacious kitchen.

2. Exterior Finishes

This is another area that we review to ensure that the best dishwasher matches your existing kitchen décor and existing appliances. Dishwasher comes in many exterior finishes; black, white, stainless steel, custom panel-ready, bisque, stainless-look finishes.

  • Stainless

Stainless-look and stainless steel finishes deliver a beautiful and modern look, but they are different in several ways. Real stainless steel is usually non-magnetic and tends to accumulate your fingerprints easily. Conversely, stainless-look finishes are more resistant to fingerprints, are magnetic, and are very easy to clean.

  • Custom Panel-Ready

Dishwashers with custom panel-read option let you customize your dishwasher so as to create a seamless look with your kitchen. They have an unfinished door to allow you attach a custom panel that will match your existing cabinets. When the dishwasher door is shut, the dishwasher will resemble the other cabinet.

3. Control Panels

When reviewing the best dishwasher in the market, we also check the nature of its control panels. The control panels are either located in the front part of the dishwasher semi-integrated or hidden on the top edge of the dishwasher’s door (fully integrated). The hidden control panels keep the buttons out of reach for the little children who love playing with the buttons and also provide a clean look of the dishwasher.

With hidden control panels, you might not know the stage of your dishwasher cleaning cycle. Therefore, we advise you to go for the dishwasher that has time remaining display if this attribute is important to you. Some dishwashers shine a light beam of light on the floor to let you know that it’s still running or when a cleaning cycle is over.

We disclose all these details so that you can choose the best dishwasher that suits your needs.

4. Handles

Another aspect that we include in our best dishwasher reviews is the type of dishwasher handles. Handles come in a variety of styles including pocket, bar handles and recessed. Recessed and pocket handles make it easier to clean the front part of your dishwasher.

5. Interior Finishes

The interior tubs of the dishwasher are either plastic or stainless steel. While the dishwashers with the stainless-steel tubs cost more than their plastic tub counterparts, they are normally energy efficient because they retain heat longer making the dishes dry faster.

They are also more stain-resistant, more odor-resistant, and more durable than plastic. However, plastic tubs found on more affordable dishwashers are also very durable.

6. Noise Factor

Do you have to move to another room or crank up the volume of your TV when the dishwasher is running? If so, you need an upgrade. We understand that this is a critical factor when it comes to buying your dishwasher. That’s why we include this criterion when conducting our best dishwasher reviews. Today’s dishwashers are incredibly quiet as compared to the older models. However, the level of quietness varies with some barely producing any sound.

Most dishwasher nowadays comes with a sound reduction package, and depending on the manufacturer, this might include a solid base that can absorb sound, a motor designed with much fewer rotating parts, layers of insulation, and other sound-reducing innovations

However, no matter the sound reduction innovation used, our main focus is normally the noise level of the dishwasher as compared to its rival dishwasher. And in most of our reviews, you’ll find us including the dBA rating. Manufacturers use various terms to explain how their dishes reduce noise, but our reviews help you understand how quiet the dishwasher that you want to buy is. Dishwasher with a dBA rating or between 40 and 50 are equally quiet. The lower the rating, the quieter it is while it is.

If the noise level is a concern, we advise you to steer away from the dishwasher with a self-cleaning or hard food dispose of a filter. The dishwasher with these filters are great as you don’t need to scrap the hard food particle, and dishes can go straight from the table to the dishwasher, unlike the manual-clean version. But, as the filter scraps the food particles, it inevitably creates some noise. Manual-clean filters require occasional cleaning, but they barely produce no noise.

We disclose the type of filters in our best dishwasher reviews so that you can be able to know the best dishwasher for you and the one that suits your needs.

7. The Loading Features

This is another criteria and an area that we cannot omit in our reviews. You need to say goodbye to the days when you avoided putting certain utensils in your dishwasher, including the odd-shaped dishes and larger utensils. We recommend that you look for the best dishwasher that has the following flexible features;

  • Third Racks

Third racks provide extra space and are great for cleaning tools such as cooking knives, whisks, and tongs, and larger utensils. Small items and odd-shaped items, like baby bottle caps, espresso cups, and measuring cups fits in this rack too. Most of the Bosch dishwasher models have a third rack.

  • Removable or Adjustable Racks

With adjustable lower and/or lower racks, you can easily move the racks either up or down in order to accommodate the stemware or large plates, tall glasses, and cookie sheets.

  • Fold-Down or Adjustable Tines

This gives large pans and pots more room by moving the tines to the right or left, or out of the way. Fold-down tines can also secure lightweight items and lids that tip over and get filled with water during the wash cycle.

  • Silver Caddies

Some silverware caddies are flexible, and thus you can change the location from one load to the other one depending on where it fits best.

Here at disclose all the features in the dishwasher that we review so that you can choose the one that you’ll find best for you.

8. Washing Method, Systems, and Cycles

Under the method of washing, our review concentrates on wash systems and wash cycles.

Washing plates in the dishwasher. Inside a dishwasher, Wash System

  • Wash System

Most of the dishwashers have three rotary spray arms located either at the bottom, middle, or top of the dishwasher tub, which circulate or spin water during the cycles. Wash systems with washer arms or multiple tiers provide a more thorough cleaning that a system with just a single or two rotary arms.

For more thorough cleaning, some manufacturers add many strategically placed spray jets that blush away dried on food during turbo wash modes or scrubbing cycles. Newer models are coming with new types of wash systems and spray arms, and so we keep on updating our reviews and adding other dishwashers to our review list so that we can cover as many dishwashers as possible.

  • Wash Cycles

Most dishwashers offer similar washing cycles like heavy, normal, and light. Specialized cycles tackle different types of dishwasher chores or add extra cleaning power to the dishwasher. However, dishwashers with additional and specialized cycles make the wash cycles longer.

Here are some of the wash cycles that are available:

– Steam Clean:

Dishwasher with a steam cleaning option uses steam in different ways, depending on the choice of the manufacturer. Some use steam to melt away or soak dried-on foods while others use it to pre-scrub the dishes before cleaning. With others, you can add the steam option to the normal cycle for a more powerful cleaning. Some have a special setting that only use steam to clean the fragile dishes.

– NSF-Certified Sanitizing Rinse:

Dishwasher with these option heats the final rinse water to extremely high temperature to kill germs on cookware and dishes, which is great for cleaning cutting boards and baby bottles. It provides an extra prevention during flu season and cold. The NSF Certified dishwashers are tested to confirm that their sanitizing cycle reduces the bacteria in the dishes by 99.9 percent.

– Extra rinse:

If you are not ready to run a full cycle, you can rinse your dirty dishes with this extra rinse cycle to prevent foods from drying on. This prevents stuck-on messes that become tougher to clean later.

– Glass care cycle:

This provides rinse cycles with cooler water for the delicate dishes.

9. Energy Efficiency

We always recommend that you buy dishwashers that have an ENERGY STAR label so as to reduce your energy and water bills and to help protect the environment. These dishwashers have been tested and meet strict energy efficiency standards set by the US Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency. If you have a dishwasher that was manufactured in the 90s, you could save hundreds of dollars in utility bills and hundreds of gallons of water over the lifetime of your new dishwasher.

If you want to reduce your energy bills further, consider purchasing a dishwasher with the following energy-efficient features:

  • – Half load options:

If you have small dish loads, look for the dishwasher with an upper rack or half load only cycle. These cycles use just one spray arm or shorter cycles that utilize less water.

  • – Soil Sensors:

Dishwashers that have soil sensor technology monitor the amount of food particles and dirt in each load of dishes and self-adjusts the cycle time and water level as needed. The dishwasher uses the right amount of energy and water needed to get your dishes clean.

  • – Drying Cycles:

If your dishwasher’s cycle has a fan, you’ll use less energy as the utensils dry faster while using less heat.

  • – Eco-wash or Speed Wash Cycles:

If your dishes aren’t loaded with stuck-on food, use express or speed cycle that has a shorter wash cycle and uses less water.

10. Installation Mode

Our reviews indicate the nature of the installation process required for each dishwasher. We indicate whether it is a portable dishwasher or a built-in dishwasher.

Those are the ten factors/criteria for reviewing the dishwashers on our site.

What will you learn from the various reviews on our site? Content in the dishwasher reviews:

1. Best Dishwasher Rules for Buying

The will educate you on some of the things/rules for buying a dishwasher. The main one includes:

  • Know Your Needs

Do you have a small family and use scanty dishes? Do you have a large family and often run a load of dishes every day? Do you plan to wash your pans and pots in your dishwasher? Before making a purchase decision to buy a dishwasher, it is advisable to think about what it is that you’re looking for in your next dishwasher. With a variety of new features spread across the many brands that are available, you should have an idea of your needs before buying your dishwasher.

  • Look at new technology

Most of the brands nowadays are using newer technology to make their dishwashers quieter, more energy efficient, and more effective in cleaning. Make sure to read the technology used in different brands to decide the one that will be helpful. Our reviews will play a big role in making you understand about this technologies.

Rules for Buying a Best Dishwasher

  • Know your budget

This cannot go unmentioned. Know how much you’re willing to spend before you click the “buy” option. If you have only budgeted for an 18-inch dishwasher, don’t just test-drive the 24-inch dishwasher priced double what you are able to spend. Keep in mind that we will always keep you updated to the latest dishwashers that suit your needs or budget. You can subscribe to our emails to know the latest brand in the market.

2. The Types of Dishwashers Available

  • Built-in standard Best dishwashers

This is the most popular and most common dishwasher variety in the US. They feature the common two-rack layout and are spacious. The basic models use buttons and dials to set the wash cycle settings. However, the modern models feature several advancements as advanced temperature settings and disappearing touch screens. They have an average size of 24 inches height and 24-30 inches width.

  • Best Compact dishwashers

The compact dishwashers have a width of 18 inches while their typical dishwasher’s counterpart has 24 inches width. Many manufacturers have compact models in their dishwasher models, and therefore if you need a particular brand, check to see whether they have compact styles.

  • Best Drawer dishwashers

Drawers are a newer addition to the list of dishwashers. They are smaller in size and enable you to wash smaller loads of utensils without wasting water and energy, as the dishwasher requires both. Those who have large volumes of dishes will be better off suited to use double-drawer model instead of the single-drawer dishwasher. The double-drawer model enables one to run the same number of utensils as the traditional washer, but of course on different settings. It is important to note that the double dish drawers are designed to occupy the same space of a traditional dishwasher. However, you might need to make cabinet modifications if you want to use the single dish drawer.

  • Portable dishwashers and countertop dishwasher

The portable dishwasher and counter-top dishwasher are not necessarily the same thing. Many of the portable dishwashers have wheels and thus can be moved in and out of the kitchen in order to save space. Both plug into the kitchen faucet as the water source and drain into the sink. They make excellent options if you’ve extreme space limitations but still want the efficiency and convenience of the dishwasher. They can be stored away from the kitchen and brought in when needed.

You’ll get these and other major types of dishwashers highlighted and explained well on our site. These are just the basics.

3. Dishwasher Capacity

Another thing you’ll learn on our site is the capacities of various dishwashers. As we review the various dishwashers, you’ll find the capacity listed in our dishwasher reviews. Depending on whether you go for the compact, standard, or drawer model, most dishwasher capacity is based on the number of place settings that can fit in a single load. The basic capacity includes:

  • Compact

Its capacity has a maximum of eight five-piece place settings.

  • Standard

Its capacity has a maximum of 12 five-piece place settings. Most of these are 18-inch dishwasher.

  • Tall tub

Its capacity has a maximum of 14 five-piece place settings.

4. Dishwasher Features and Settings

The dishwashers are getting upgrades each and every day; even the most basic of the dishwasher settings have received some upgrades since the last time you shopped. Some of the common features to look for in a dishwasher include;

  • Wash and rinses cycles

Most of the dishwashers have advanced cycle options. Some have even been certified to sanitize 99.9 percent of bacteria, which is an excellent option for those who are worried about the flu or cold season and those with infants. Many of these new wash cycles make the machine more efficient, which saves you time and money in the long run. In some cases, dishwashers use steam to eliminate the need for prewashing.

  • Dry settings

Many modern dishwashers are offering different options for drying your dishes. In most cases, you can decide whether to dry the dishes with heat or air. Using heat is quicker but also uses more energy. Some dishwashers, like those in most top ten best dishwasher list, have a fan that runs to dry the dishes quickly without the need for heat.

Besides, they have stainless steel tubs that hold heat longer. This enables the dishwasher to dry the dishes faster and efficiently.

  • Delayed start

Many modern dishwashers offer delayed start options. This gives you the option to program your dishwasher to start later. This is convenient if you want it to run it at a particular time, perhaps when your family is asleep or during the off-peak energy hours. Delayed time start differs from model to model.

  • Displays

With a wide range of dishwasher manufacturers, you now have the option to choose between the front-located displays and the ones on the top of the door.

Many people prefer the dishwashers with the top controls because they look simple and sleek. In addition, many people prefer dishwashers with top controls because they’re easier to use as you can look down at them without craning your neck.

  • Noise insulation

Many dishwashers have insulation that makes them run quietly. In some cases, the manufacturers claim that the dishwasher is almost silent. This is great if you want the dishwasher to run at night without disturbing anyone. We indicate the level of quietness in our reviews. Make sure to check this feature.

  • Adjustable and flexible racks

If you have a lot of dishes, you might be interested in going for the dishwashers with the third rack option, such as the Bosch dishwasher. This third rack gives additional space and flexibility for washing more items, and in some cases smaller items. In additional, there are some models which allow the heights of the two racks to be changed, thereby enabling you to raise or lower the top rack so that you can make space for whatever you need to rinse or wash.

Also, some of the dishwashers now feature flexible racks that can accommodate dishes of different shapes.

  • Jets and steam

Dishwashers, like dryers and washers, are getting the steam upgrade. The steam eliminates or reduces, the need for pre-rinsing or scrapping by dissolving the food particles. And because it doesn’t require a direct contact, it is safe for all the dishes, from heavy-duty pots and pans to the most delicate stemware. The dishwasher also features better functioning jets that spray food particles off your dishes.

  • Food disposals

Most of the traditional dishwasher required you to scrape and rinse nearly all the food residue off your dishes so that the machine didn’t get jammed or clogged. Prewashing dishes before the actual washing wastes water and is inconvenient. Most of the dishwasher now include food disposals that work similarly to the disposal in the sink. Many manufacturers claim that you can even take the dishes straight from your dining table without any additional intervention.

  • Tub material

Previously, the dishwashers only came with plastic tubs, and many still do. However, many manufacturers are adopting the use of stainless-steel tubs for their dishwashers now. The difference between the two is that the stainless tubs tend to be quieter during the wash cycles. Besides, the stainless steel is more resistant to extreme heat without damage or warping. They are more expensive, but because the stainless tubs are more energy efficient than their plastic counterparts, they save significant money in the long run.

5. How to Spot an Energy Efficiant

This another invaluable lesson that you’ll learn in our many dishwasher reviews on dishwasher zone. Some of the things to look for are:

  • EnergyStar label

This label is inscribed by the Environmental Protection Agency to recommend products that save energy and water without sacrificing features of its functionality. It is not only the dishwashers that meet this standard of efficiency; there are many other basic machines that come with the Energy Star seal to approve their efficiency in usage of water and energy.

best dishwashers
  • CEE Rating

This is another indicator of the energy efficiency symbol. The Consortium for Energy Efficiency is a non-profit public benefits organization that encourages businesses and influencing markets to speed up the development of efficient products. They have a rating system for the residential appliances, including the dishwashers. Many manufacturers have a CEE Tire One rated, meaning that they are highly efficient.

6. Next Generation Features in Dishwashers

In our dishwasher reviews, you’ll find some of the digital features highlighted: some of the digital features include-

  • Sensors

Many 18 inch dishwasher and other sizes of dishwashers have smart sensors that can detect the level of dirtiness of the dishes and how much power is needed to clean them. It will then self-adjust the pressure and water level accordingly to ensure that the dishes come out free of debris and sparkling clean.

  • Touch controls

Traditional dishwashers were controlled by a series of dials. However, the new-gen dishwasher features the same touch-pad controls as many other digital appliances. They are easy to use, sleek, and in many cases, they’re invisible when not in use.

All these features and many others are included in our reviews of best dishwashers. You can rely on our reviews as they are well-researched and comprehensive.

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