Best Free Standing Indesit Dishwashers

Indesit is a leading manufacturer of household appliances in Europe. The company was formed in 1975 with the name Merloni, which was changed in 2005 to Indesit. It also took over Hotpoint and has markets appliances under the brands Hotpoint-Ariston as well as Indesit.

They are currently sponsors of Arsenal Football Club. They have production plants all over Italy a well as in places like Russia, Turkey, the UK and Poland.

Their catchphrase is “we work, you play”, implying that all their appliances help save your time. They manufacture the usual range of kitchen appliances including dishwashers.

Indesit promotes the fact that they work closely with the Energy Savings Trust to ensure the maximum efficiency in their appliances.

All of their dishwashers are Class AA or AAA. They have adjustable-height upper and lower baskets along with a sliding cutlery basket. They also offer features such as the Daily Speed + and Intensive Speed +, which reduces the rinse time.

The Rapid 35 or Rapid and Dry features are programs that can do a wash cycle in just 35 or 40 minutes respectively. The delay timer means you can set the machine to start whenever you want.

They have freestanding dishwashers in the standard size of 60cm wide x 85cm high x 60 cm deep as well as slim-line versions or 45cm width.

Are Indesit dishwashers good?

If you’re after a simple and effective slimline dishwasher, the Indesit DSFO3T224ZUK gets most things right. With excellent wash results, even in our difficult egg test, this slimline model has cleaning results up there with full-sized models11.

Who makes Indesit dishwashers?

Merloni Elettrodomestici bought Indesit in 1987. It was renamed Indesit Company S.p.A in 2005 after the company it acquired. In the 1980s, with other Italian companies having been taken over by foreign appliance manufacturers, Merloni Household became the premier domestic producer in the industry.

The Prime dishwasher (models IDP148 and IDP127) incorporates what they call Smart Technology. This is a sensor that judges the level of dirt and food particles and adjusts the water temperature, pressure and number of rinses accordingly. The Smart Sixty is a 60 minute wash cycle.

These dishwashers will accommodate 14 place settings, including some long-stemmed glasses, and are very quiet when working. They are only available in white and they have either digital or LED displays.

Prices range from £289 to £429 at the cheapest retailers. These dishwashers have had very good reviews, including how fast, efficient and quiet they are.

The normal range of dishwashers include standard (IDF125) size and slim-line (IDS105) and also come in what they call integrated versions.

The standard size has a capacity of 12 place settings, and the slim-line 10 place settings. Some of them have LED displays, whereas others have normal dials.

They have such features as Time4You – a program that does a full quality wash in 60 minutes, and adjustable wash temperatures for more fragile items. Their integrated dishwashers can be installed behind door fronts for a streamlined appearance and have all the usual features.

The freestanding dishwashers are available in black, white and silver, whereas the integrated ones come only in white. The standard size freestanding can be bought from around £209 to £470 and the slim-line one from £209 to £302.

The integrated versions retail from around £229. The reviews of these dishwashers stress that the standard size is easily large enough for all the crockery and dishes when cooking for a family of five.

As with any appliances you buy the best idea is to look around and try out different models to see how you get on with them.

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