How to Choose a Good Dishwasher😃🤩😄 2023

Parting away with cash on a purchase that turns out to be a waste can be very heart-breaking. Even when it’s a cheap buy. Trust me, I have had that feeling twice already and because I didn’t want to repeat those mistakes, I made a conscious effort to learn as much about dishwashers as possible.

At Dishwasher USA for You, I will be sharing what I learned with you, what to look out for in a dishwasher, what features matter the most and those that don’t. Don’t hassle about all those technical terms and what they mean. Be ready for a more simplified read. We will be making that decision step by step together. Let’s guide you on a purchase you can be proud of.

Below are the main Factors to Consider when making a Choice on a Dishwasher:

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Know Your Limits

Let thy budget be thy guide: You can virtually own a standard dishwasher for $200 and above. Whereas you may not get all the other awesome features available now on higher standard versions, your dishwasher will still get the job done. There is always a dishwasher for your pocket size.

Think Room Space, think decor: 

Do not forget to consider the dimensions of the dishwasher before carrying them out of the store. You wouldn’t want to buy a product that cannot fit in your kitchen space. Take time to take width and height measurements to compare the actual product dimensions either at the store or check out the online specifications. Most dishwashers are 24 inches wide and have a height of 34 inches. Also have in mind your room’s ‘feelings’ when fitting in your dishwasher:). It might be an appliance, but it complements the beauty of your kitchen. Personally, I will advise matching your kitchen’s look with a dishwasher with panels that blend.

Know What You Want

Two Choices: When buying a dishwasher you are likely to face two options, really. Whether to go with stainless steel or plastic tubs. Both options are great. Stainless steel dishwashers are slightly more expensive but they give off a more tough or durable look. They also aid in conducting heat better than plastic and so its reasonable to say that you might save more energy using them.

Plastic interiors might not be as exciting to view but on the other hand last longer and require less maintenance or repair.

You have a preference: Everyone has tastes. Even you. It’s important to figure out what exactly you want out of your dishwasher. Think of it as picking out a wine glass. There are so many kinds but mostly a dishwasher may have higher ratings in a particular category than others. For example, you may opt for a dishwasher which is quiet but high on energy consumption. As much as possible do not stray too far from your preference.

Ease of Use: 

These days, dishwashers have so many features and controls. I wouldn’t recommend one with so many confusing controls. No use buying a complex machine you can’t control. However, an average tech person should be able to master the controls over time. The key here is busying a dishwasher whose features you understand and will likely explore in future.

Get A Warranty: 

Although we are confident about the products here on Best Dishwashers, you are better off with an appliance secured with a warranty. The longer the warranty the better. There is a good chance that your warranty lasts for 90 days. Service warranties cover repairs or replacements but seldom cover maintenance.

Know What’s Available

Common features you can get with your eyes closed

  • Interior Access: Modern dishwashers have a drop down hatch or panel door allowing access exposing the interior. Older versions could be pulled open at the top of the machine allowing a downward view to the bottom.
  • Wash cycles: Every dishwasher has default dishwasher cycles programmed by the manufacturer. There are at least three (3) default wash cycles for cleaning but more expensive dishwashers feature even more programs.
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Special Features to look out for in a Good Dishwasher:

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency simply means the energy consumption level of your dishwasher. For those who are careful about the consumption of energy and its impact on electricity bills, you  might want to consider a dishwasher with high ratings on energy efficiency. Go for those that have ENERGY STAR ratings on them. They are more Eco-friendly and help save a lot of water as well.

According to the Energy Use Calculator, it is estimated that dishwashers use 1200 to 2400 watts of power with an average dishwasher using 1800 watts. To better appreciate the impact of the use of the machine on energy consumption, factor in family size and the short-wash cycles.

  • Sound Dampening

Modern dishwashers are quieter than the older models. Manufacturers apply sound proofing insulation materials to reduce noise from their machines. Materials used in sound dampening are expensive and reflect in the price of the machine. That is why high end dishwashers are relatively quiet compared to budget dishwashers.

Averagely, a quiet dishwasher generates a minimum of 30 decibels whereas the noisiest generates 60 decibels. That is a reduction of almost 50%. You can be sure that you wouldn’t wake your neighbors if you are using your dishwasher overnight.

  • Adjustable Racks and accessories

Adjustable racks improves loading capacity of the dishwasher. Items of different sizes can be loaded into the dishwasher by just lifting the racks a few inches up or down. Even better options have more silverware holders as well. These allow for more flexible loading and reduce the number of washing cycles and consequently save more energy.

  • Drying

You might come across dishwashers with either condensation drying or heating element for drying dishes. Dishwashers with plastic tubs usually have heating elements within the dishwasher but a few stainless-steel dishwashers have those two.

The truth is that dishwashers with heating element consumes more energy, but they get the job done better than those that use condensation drying. There is a fair warning however not to place plastics on the lower racks as they will be too close to the heating element.

With condensation drying, the stainless steel interior draws the heat produced from the hot water on the dishes after the final rinse.

  • Visual vs. Button Controls

High end dishwashers may have electronic touch pads that are interactive to touch and give off a more sleek look to your kitchen. They may even warn the user of errors or issues preventing completion of the wash cycle. In fact some models have controls that can only be accessed on the inside of the dish-washing machine. On the other hand, push controls may be easy to use but they both get the jobs done.

With these steps in mind, you can be sure that you will be deciding on the best dishwasher your money can buy :D.

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