How to Install a Dishwasher Where There Wasn’t One Before

Dishwasher Tips and Tricks

We agreed that a dishwasher is very beneficial because it can save you time in the kitchen, allow you to clean up tasks, and, last but not least a dishwasher, help you save on bills.

Although the benefits of a dishwasher which we mentioned above are a bit, however, it is sufficient to represent the importance of a dishwasher in every kitchen space of the house.

The first consideration when determining a dishwasher is not only appliance models are so many in the market (for example SHP65T55UC, DW7933LRASR, and many more), but the contributing factors from a retailer that offers installation services must be considered as well.

If you provide the installation of a dishwasher to a professional installation, you will be charged extra. Do you already know how professional installation rates? For those of you who live in the United States, you must pay in the range of $ 171 to $ 517.

A rate of $ 171 to $ 517 is only to install a dishwasher. Most likely, you will spend additional costs for the services of a plumber, electrician services, and the services of a carpenter. You can imagine how much money you spend on it all.

A savings plan must be implemented, a DIY project is not difficult to be done. The best step is to install the dishwasher yourself are only takes a few hours and a few basic tools.

dishwasher troubleshooting

How to Install a Dishwasher

Preparation before installing a dishwasher is that you have to set up some appliances to be used. Tools required to install a dishwasher are:

  • A dishwasher
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable Wrench/Combination Wrench
  • Tape
  • Levelers
  • Pipe Joint Compound
  • Dishwasher connector kit
  • Electric cord
  • A drill could be your need and necessary

Once you prepare all the tools needed and necessary, then you should think of is to check the cabinet room before you can actually install a dishwasher. It will also make sure the dishwasher is placed in the best position. 

How to Install a Dishwasher Where There Wasn’t One Before

Tips: Better to place the dishwasher near the sink. It is useful for easy access to water and waste lines.

Think of wiring diagrams access to the electrical contacts inside the house, because the dishwasher needs a hard-wired into the electrical system. You can also use armored cable for durability and safety of chipped electrical wiring caused a high flow.

How to Install a Dishwasher Where There Wasn’t One Before

A dishwasher requires a supply of hot water, for facilitating the flow of hot water to the dishwasher place the dishwasher close to the sink.

Use the drill to perforate the wall that will be used for the drain hose, power cord, and supply hot water.

How to Install a Dishwasher?

dishwasher fixes

The first step is to make sure some things which include: the opening of the dishwasher, the width, and height of the dishwasher.

Step 1: Install Dishwasher Drain Hose

dishwasher hose

Connect the pipeline with the air gap and lock it with the clamp. This also prevents water spilled everywhere.

Step 2: Install Water Supply Line

Connect the dishwasher to a hot water pipeline and use a combination wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten the connector.

Step 3: Install the Dishwasher Air Gap

dishwasher air gap

Installing a dishwasher air gap is very useful to prevent of water from flowing back into the dishwasher.

Good luck installing the dishwasher itself. If you are unsure, or wiser you call a professional installation.

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