How to Plumb a Double Kitchen Sink with Disposal and Dishwasher

Plumbing a double kitchen sink with a disposal and dishwasher might seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and a bit of patience, you can successfully complete this project. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in plumbing a double kitchen sink with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice looking to tackle a home improvement project, our step-by-step instructions will ensure you get it right the first time. Let’s dive in.

Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you begin the plumbing process, it’s crucial to have all the necessary tools and materials at your disposal. Here’s a list of items you’ll need:


  1. Adjustable wrench
  2. Pipe wrench
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Hacksaw
  5. Plumber’s tape
  6. Plunger


  1. Double sink kit
  2. PVC pipes and fittings
  3. Dishwasher installation kit
  4. Plumber’s putty
  5. Teflon tape
  6. Drain assembly kit
  7. Safety goggles and gloves

Step 1: Prepare Your Work Area

Start by clearing out the area under your sink. Remove any items stored there and ensure you have enough space to work comfortably. Lay down some old towels or a bucket to catch any water that may spill during the process.

Step 2: Turn Off the Water Supply

Locate the water shut-off valves beneath your sink and turn them off. This will prevent any water from flowing into the sink while you work on the plumbing.

Step 3: Remove the Existing Plumbing

Use your adjustable wrench and pipe wrench to disconnect the old plumbing connections. Start with the P-trap and work your way up to the sink strainer. Be prepared for some water to drain out, so keep your bucket or towels handy.

Step 4: Install the Sink Strainer

Apply a generous amount of plumber’s putty to the underside of the sink strainer’s flange. Insert the strainer into the sink’s drain hole, and from underneath, secure it with the provided locknut. Tighten the locknut with your wrench to create a watertight seal.

Step 5: Assemble the Drain Pipes

Now, it’s time to assemble the drain pipes. Measure and cut the PVC pipes to the required lengths using a hacksaw. Use Teflon tape on the threads of each fitting for a secure connection. Start by attaching the tailpiece to the sink strainer and work your way down, connecting the P-trap and extension pipes.

Step 6: Install the Dishwasher Drain

If you have a dishwasher, you’ll need to install the dishwasher drain hose. Connect it to the dishwasher’s discharge pump and secure it with a hose clamp. Then, route the other end of the hose to the inlet on the garbage disposal unit. Ensure a secure and airtight connection.

Step 7: Reconnect the Water Supply

Turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks in your new plumbing connections. If you spot any leaks, tighten the fittings as needed. Ensure that the water flows freely down the drain without any obstructions.

Step 8: Test Your Double Sink

Fill both sink bowls with water and release it simultaneously to check for proper drainage. If the water drains efficiently and without any backup, your double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher is now successfully plumbed.


Plumbing a double kitchen sink with a disposal and dishwasher is a rewarding DIY project that can enhance the functionality of your kitchen. With the right tools, materials, and careful attention to detail, you can complete this task with confidence. Remember to follow safety precautions and take your time to ensure all connections are secure. Now you can enjoy the convenience of your fully functional double sink setup!

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