How to Use Your LG Dishwasher for the First Time

If you’ve just brought home a brand new LG dishwasher, congratulations! This modern appliance is designed to make your life easier by taking care of one of the most tedious household chores. Whether you’re a first-time dishwasher owner or transitioning from an old model, this guide will walk you through the steps of using your LG dishwasher effectively.

Unpacking and Setup

Before you start using your LG dishwasher, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of damage that might have occurred during shipping. Check the user manual for installation requirements and tips on the ideal location for the dishwasher. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the control panel layout and buttons.

Prepping for First Use

Reading the user manual is essential, as different dishwasher models might have specific requirements. Choose an appropriate rinse aid and detergent based on the water hardness in your area. Proper loading of dishes ensures efficient cleaning, so be sure to place items at suitable angles for maximum exposure.

Selecting a Wash Cycle

LG dishwashers offer a variety of wash cycles to suit different needs. The Quick Wash cycle is great for lightly soiled dishes, while the Heavy Duty option tackles tough stains. The Eco Mode is perfect for energy-conscious users who want to conserve resources.

Running the Dishwasher

Close the dishwasher door securely, ensuring it clicks into place. Depending on the model, you might have additional options like sanitizing or extra drying. Once you’re ready, select your desired cycle and press the start button to initiate the wash.

Post-Wash Care

After the wash cycle is complete, it’s essential to allow the dishwasher to ventilate to prevent moisture buildup. Empty the dishwasher promptly to prevent any odors. Take a moment to wipe down the interiors with a clean, dry cloth.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the temptation to overload the dishwasher, as this can lead to inefficient cleaning. Ensure larger items don’t block the spray arms. Always use the recommended detergent to prevent excess sudsing and poor wash results.

Maintaining Your LG Dishwasher

Regular cleaning of the dishwasher’s interior and exterior helps maintain its performance. Check and clean the filters periodically to ensure proper drainage. If you encounter issues like dishes not drying or water not draining, consult the user manual for troubleshooting tips.

Energy Efficiency Tips

To make the most of your LG dishwasher’s energy efficiency, aim to run full loads whenever possible. The Eco-Friendly cycle is designed to minimize water and energy usage. Additionally, load the dishes properly to avoid rewashing due to inadequate cleaning.

Getting the Most Out of Your LG Dishwasher

Explore specialized features like adjustable racks, foldable tines, and stemware holders for customization. Some LG models offer smart functionality, allowing you to monitor and control the dishwasher remotely. For a long-lasting appliance, avoid slamming the door and handle it gently.


Using your LG dishwasher for the first time might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it’s a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll soon be enjoying the convenience and efficiency that your new dishwasher brings to your daily routine.


Can I use regular dish soap in my LG dishwasher?

It’s recommended to use only dishwasher-specific detergents to avoid sudsing issues.

Why are my dishes still wet after the cycle?

Ensure you’ve selected the drying option and that there’s no obstruction blocking the spray arms.

Can I wash non-dish items like toys or shoes?

Stick to washing only dishwasher-safe items to avoid damaging the appliance or your items.

How often should I clean the dishwasher’s filter?

Cleaning the filter every 2 to 3 months helps maintain optimal performance.

What should I do if the dishwasher displays an error code?

Refer to the user manual for a list of error codes and troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

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