How To Wash Baby Bottles in Dishwashers

All the parents know that babies need a lot of feedings. And you have to clean so many things also after feeding.

How To Clean Baby Bottles in Dishwashers

So when it comes to infant feeding, baby bottles are one of the most important tools. And when you wash baby bottles you have to be very careful as the baby’s immune system is not fully developed which makes him more unsafe to viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi from the outside environment.

You have to do it properly to make sure your little one stays healthy and safe. If you are worried about your little one and don’t know how to wash the baby bottles effectively and safely we will help you with that.

Cleaning baby bottles in a dishwasher is a tempting choice as you can do your job quickly. But the question is whether it is safe to wash baby bottles in the dishwasher. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Method of Cleaning your Baby Bottle:

This method is easy and it’s the same whether you wash by hand or wash in a dishwasher. Start with taking off the bottles into separate parts: caps, nipples, sealing rings, valves, etc.

Make sure you rinse each part thoroughly under running water before you put them back into the dishwasher. Look for milk or any milk particles and rinse them as they can easily get trapped in the bottle and sometimes the dishwasher cannot remove it easily.

You can place the nipple, lid, and bottle in the dishwasher’s upper section as the dishwasher will wash items loaded on the top more delicately than those on the bottom.

It’s better to use a dishwasher basket to keep the nipple and Sippy cup lids in the dishwasher to keep them from slipping in the gaps in the dishwasher tray.

It comprises clips to keep the nipple straight while washing and stop small parts from falling to the dishwasher’s bottom.

Most dishwashers usually use a hot water cycle so that the appliance can kill germs on washed items; so it’s better to make sure that your baby bottles are dishwasher safe to handle the dishwasher sanitation cycle.

Once you complete the washing cycle, let your baby bottles dry thoroughly inside the dishwasher before taking them out for storage.

Never assemble the bottles if they are wet as moisture can be trapped inside and microbial growth can be fostered.

It’s always better to sterilize your baby bottles before drying them and putting them away. And more importantly, don’t forget to wash your hands before you take out the baby bottles from the dishwasher.


​ Don’t Forget These Things When using a Dishwasher

It’s beyond doubt that washing your baby bottles in the dishwasher makes it much more handy and easy for you; but always these things in mind.

Stain: Never clean your baby bottles with dishes that contain food that is capable of staining like pasta sauce. It can splatter over your baby bottles while washing under a high temperature, and this can result in stained bottles and nipples.

Bottle placement: Place your baby bottles with much care in the dishwasher. Always place them with the opening face down this way you will do an effective cleaning.

Don’t let the bottles fall over during the process. If it falls, you better sterilize it. Baby bottles also discolor because baked milk fats remain in bottles during the insufficient rinsing and watering process.

Your baby relies more on bottles for their nourishment before moving to the next stage of life. So you should not ignore this and clean your feeding bottles properly. It’s up to you whatever cleaning method you pick; just try to do it safely and effectively.

The most important thing is to clean the baby bottle instantly right after using, washing and rinsing thoroughly, and drying thoroughly for the next feeding.

How to Wash Baby Bottles in the Dishwasher?

As we have discussed above it’s crucial to clean your baby bottles after each use to stop the growth of bacteria that could affect the safety of your baby’s milk.

There is a number of methods to clean baby bottles, but the dishwasher is one of the most express and convenient methods. Let’s look at how to clean baby bottles in the dishwasher step by step.

Dethatch The Baby Bottles:

Start cleaning your baby bottle by separating all bottle parts. These parts comprise nipples, rings, caps, and any valves or membranes that come with them.  Bottle cleaning brushes are also very handy if you hand wash your baby bottles seldom.

Soak The Bottles:

After separating all the parts, give them an express rinse under running water. By doing this you will clear any visible dirt or milk residue before loading them in the dishwasher.

If it’s possible try to soak the bottles in warm water with a bit of mild soap for a few minutes to get rid of any mulish dirt. Equal parts of vinegar and water are also good for removing any milk residue buildup.

Load The Dishwasher:

Once you are done rinsing or soaking the bottles, you can load the bottles into the dishwasher. Almost all the baby bottle makers advocate sticking to the upper rack which is further from the heating components.

If your dishwasher contains bottle wash jets, then put your bottles on them facing downwards and tighten them with the provided clips. And if the dishwasher doesn’t have bottle wash jets, load the bottles on the upper rack pointing down.

It is also possible for you to place your glass baby bottles on the bottom rack where the cleaning will be much better.

And as far as your bottle’s small parts are concerned place them in the third rack of your dishwasher if it has a third rack, this is the best place to put all those small parts like nipples, lids, and valves. If not, then you can also use a basket designed for baby bottles.

Pick The Right Cycle and Detergent:

After doing all these things you have to pick the right dishwashing cycle. When it comes to baby bottles, it’s recommended to use the sanitize cycle if your dishwasher has one.

The hot water cycle will do if you don’t have that. Always go for a free and clear detergent as it will less likely leave a residue on your baby bottles.

Dry The Bottles:

Try to always use the heated dry option on your dishwasher; this way you will dry the bottles better and fend off any water spots.

Sometimes it happens that with the heated dry option, the bottle still comes out moist, so you have to counter-dry all the bottle parts once again. You can easily do this by placing them all on a drying rack and letting them air dry thoroughly.


As we have discussed above babies need a lot of feeding and for this, you have to be very careful.  Because your baby will be healthy if their feeding bottles are clean. As now as you know how to clean baby bottles in a dishwasher it will be easy for you to do this.

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