LG Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode: Troubleshooting Made Easy

Modern dishwashers have become an essential appliance in every kitchen, making dishwashing a breeze. LG dishwashers, known for their cutting-edge technology and reliability, are among the top choices for homeowners. However, even the most advanced appliances may encounter issues over time. Fortunately, LG dishwashers come with a diagnostic mode that can help users troubleshoot and identify potential problems. In this article, we will delve into LG dishwasher diagnostic mode, exploring how to access it, its features, and how to interpret error codes for efficient troubleshooting.

Understanding LG Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode

In LG dishwashers, the diagnostic mode is a powerful tool that offers valuable insights into the machine’s functionality. It provides access to various tests and error codes, enabling users to pinpoint malfunctions and resolve them promptly.

Accessing Diagnostic Mode

To access the diagnostic mode on an LG dishwasher, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher: Before entering diagnostic mode, ensure that the dishwasher is powered off. Locate the power button and press it to turn off the unit.
  2. Activate diagnostic mode: Press and hold specific buttons to activate the diagnostic mode. The combination may vary depending on the dishwasher model, so refer to the user manual for the correct sequence.
  3. Navigating through the diagnostic mode: Once in the diagnostic mode, the dishwasher’s display will show various codes and indicators. Familiarize yourself with the codes from the user manual to interpret the results accurately.

Interpreting Error Codes

The diagnostic mode will display error codes when certain issues are detected. Understanding these error codes is crucial for identifying the problem and initiating the appropriate fix.

Common Error Codes

  1. OE Error: This indicates a drainage issue. Check for clogs or kinks in the drainage hose and ensure proper installation.
  2. LE Error: The dishwasher’s motor has encountered a problem. It could be a malfunction or a wiring issue.
  3. HE Error: Overheating problem detected. Check the dishwasher’s water temperature and the heating element.
  4. FE Error: This points to a problem with the dishwasher’s water level. Inspect the water supply and the inlet valve.
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Troubleshooting Common Issues Using Diagnostic Mode

LG dishwasher diagnostic mode is a valuable tool for troubleshooting various common issues that users may encounter. Let’s look at some problems and how to address them using this mode.

1. Dishwasher Not Draining Properly (OE Error)

If your dishwasher is displaying the OE error code, it indicates a drainage problem. To troubleshoot:

  1. Check for any obstructions or clogs in the drain hose and remove them.
  2. Ensure that the drain hose is installed correctly and not kinked.
  3. Run the diagnostic mode’s drain pump test to check if the pump is functioning properly.

2. Dishwasher Not Starting

If the dishwasher fails to start, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that the door is fully closed and latched securely.
  2. Check for any issues with the power supply and ensure the unit is receiving electricity.
  3. Access the diagnostic mode and run the test for door switches and main control board.

How often should I run the diagnostic mode on my LG dishwasher?

It is not necessary to run the diagnostic mode regularly. Only use it when troubleshooting an issue.

Is LG dishwasher diagnostic mode user-friendly?

Yes, LG has designed the diagnostic mode to be user-friendly, with clear instructions in the user manual.

Can I repair my LG dishwasher myself using diagnostic mode?

It depends on the complexity of the issue. Some problems can be easily resolved by homeowners, while others may require professional assistance.

Where can I find the error codes for my LG dishwasher?

The error codes and their meanings are listed in the dishwasher’s user manual.

Does using the diagnostic mode void the dishwasher’s warranty?

No, using the diagnostic mode for troubleshooting purposes does not void the warranty.


LG dishwasher diagnostic mode is a valuable tool that empowers users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues efficiently. By accessing this mode and understanding the error codes, homeowners can save time and money on unnecessary repairs. However, it’s essential to refer to the user manual for specific instructions related to each dishwasher model.

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