LG Dishwasher Reviews

There is nothing so depressing as spending time in the room that gets the most traffic and have the equipment falling to pieces, or loading the dish washer up and finding that when it finishes washing the dishes “THE DISHES ARE STILL DIRTY.

”What a terrible feeling when you know you have to do the whole process again, or take all the dishes out and rewash and dry every single one of them.
So, if its time for a new dishwasher you definitely want to take e a look at the new LG dishwashers.

Many of us live in homes where the dishwasher is at least ten years old, the handles are falling off, every time you open the door and try to pull out the dish trays, they get stuck. Sometimes water, and grime, and even swimmy things stay down on the bottom.

This is the point in time, when it’s appropriate to start looking at dishwasher options.


Actually dishwashers are not all that expensive and some even come with high tech features we never thought possible in a dishwasher. A great brand that integrates many of these new features is LG.

LG is a brand that has come up, and made itself a well known brand in the appliance industry. They are known for their high tech products, durability and streamlined designs.

The LG Dishwasher Design

All LG dishwashers come in three new sharp modern colors, White, Stainless Steel and Black.
The great thing about these three colors is that they will compliment any color scheme and any other appliance you have in your kitchen, patio, or bar area.

High Tech Features

The new high-tech features are beautifully displayed in the digital display that is found on the front of the dishwasher.

You no longer have to squint at dials or look for your glasses to find out how far along the wash cycle is. Everything is digitally shown and easy to read.

You will easily be able to tell how long a wash cycle will take, or, which wash cycle you want to choose.

Some people like to see the control panel fully displayed and others get annoyed by all those “little lights” as they call them.

Well now LG caters to all tastes and wants and needs. Some of their control panels are semi integrated which means that not all controls are shown, and others are fully integrated and don’t show the controls, still others have the controls fully visible. It really depends on what your preferences are.

LG Engineering

The LG physical design is sleek and modern looking, and all handles are metal, making it more durable as well as modern looking, and let’s not forget easy to clean.

Another innovative feature that LG has added to their dishwasher, is that they have made the interior tubs stainless steel, instead of the older plastic that was used.

The concept behind this innovation is that the stainless steel will not stain or yellow as the older dishwashers did and still do. Some of the older ones look dirty when you open them, and don’t have anything in them.

New engineering methods have allowed LG to create a smaller motor in the dishwasher and thereby pulling the spray arms further into the top of the machine, this opens up space in the dishwasher and creates one of the largest tubs in the home dishwasher market.

New Features on the LG Dishwasher

The LG dishwasher models can hold up to a 16 place setting. This may not seem important when talking about every day use, but it sure comes in handy around the holidays, or when visitors arrive.

Let’s assume you don’t always have 16 guests arrive for dinner, but the 16 place setting capacity means there is lots of room for those big pots, and pans, so if you love to cook then this is the ideal dishwasher for you.

LG Racks are Adjustable

Another great feature to this great LG dishwasher is that the racks can be adjusted. No more having to worry about whether a plate will fit in that top rack or not.

The racks can either be lowered or raised 2” and when you lower the upper rack, then you can fit 12” dishes up there.

Tines are Removable or Adjustable

Rows of tines can adjust to different settings, which means you can use space differently depending on the dishes or pots and pans you have.

The tines are also removable and you can even use them a dish drying racks for your plastic items that are not dishwasher safe.

The LG cutlery basket or baskets

You can either make up one large cutlery basked or several smaller cutlery baskets, whichever suits your needs better.

If you need to you can even completely remove the cutlery basket.

The Special Stemware Holder

LG has integrated another useful feature into their dishwashers which is the stemware holder.

Remember in the old machines when you placed a wine glass into the dishwasher it would tumble over or you would have to spend hours devising a way for it to be safely held in the dishwasher, and still many ended up broken.

Well this new stemware holder avoids that problem. This holder safely holds wine goblets, champagne flutes and any other type of stemware.

LG Efficiency

The LG dishwashers work quietly and on low decibels, that way you can continue your conversations, talk on the phone, or even think without the noisy machine interfering.

Advanced engineering in these machines allows the machine to determine “how dirty the dishes really are” (just like having your own private servant), the dirtier the dishes the more rinses and the longer the cleaning cycle.

The point is that in the end you get those clean dishes without using that much water, and without having to rewash them.

There are 6 different wash cycles you can choose from. You may want to rinse only, quick wash, scrub, delicate wash, power scrub, normal wash, or just soak.

Whatever you need to do this machine can get it done for you, quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective way.

So, if you are looking for a new washing machine, or if you keep looking at that old machine that keeps making you do more work than what its worth, take a good long look at the LG model, you won’t find a better dishwasher on the market today.

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