Portable Dishwasher Buyer Guide

Portable Dishwasher Buyer’s Guide: Why Get One?

They come in handy for that ease-of-movement feature. It can be moved easily to other location and put back in place when needed. In order to use this appliance, one has to plug it into an electrical outlet and later on, attach to a faucet in your kitchen to make use of water. Saving time and energy as well as space are the prime convenience of these equipment’s.

There are two types of portable dishwasher namely the countertop dishwasher and the freestanding dishwasher. The first type is similar to a large scale model but smaller than the freestanding dishwashers. Commonly, it has four place settings (but can go as high as 7) and can be moved on the sink, kitchen or table countertop. On the other hand, freestanding dishwashers are larger in size and usually have rollers underneath to provide mobility.

In using a portable dishwasher, make sure the water supply tube is attached to the sink’s water faucet. A hose usually connects the faucet and the appliance. The hose is plugged in when in use and dislodged when not in use.

Advantages of Portable Dishwasher

One of the advantages of a portable dishwasher is that it saves real space for those apartment type houses or any kitchen area with less room area for large appliances. Its portability and mobility is also a big bonus. You can easily move it around so there is basically no issue getting in the way of consuming much of your physical strength and having back pains or sore muscles.

For your information, some of these dishwashers have wheels which make them easier to roll. Also, some of these dishwashers have countertops which can be used as a portable storage for your kitchen items. Portable dishwashers are also simpler to use than their bigger counterparts and requires less repairs. Another major plus is its pricing – it is cheaper than the built-in ones.

Disadvantages of Portable Dishwasher

The down side of this portable appliance is that once you’ve attached it to the faucet, of course, you cannot momentarily make any other use for such faucet. Also, a portable one is relatively noisier than the installed or built-in dishwasher. Some also doesn’t have an interior garbage disposal – a basket located at the bottom that catches solid food scraps. So you need to scoop out the food bits every time because if not, it will get stuck. Putting too many bowls on this thing may not make all-too-well cleaned dishes. You might be surprised that your glasses might not turn out to be thoroughly cleaned.

Things to consider before you buy a Portable Dishwasher

In case you’ve finally decided on buying a dishwasher, here are some things to look out for in the item:

  • Size or capacity – you need to decide if you need to go for large dishwashers or a small portable countertop dishwashers. While the large ones can accommodate several plates at a time it consumes bigger space, more water and electricity. Small ones have lesser area requirement and energy however, it cannot accommodate large plate and utensil quantity. The result is that you need to repeat the process again – which can be tiresome and waste of time
  • Housing – look at the space and measure the place where you intend to put your appliance. May it be underneath your cabinets or above your countertop kitchen. These portable dishwashers range in several sizes so you need to make sure you get the right dimensions
  • Environmental concerns, safety and energy-saving capabilities – choose dishwashers that will help you save up on your power bills and have environment certifications.
  • Style – for those who are meticulous in terms of how their appliances look then try to select a portable dishwasher color to match your kitchen’s motif. It comes in popular silver, black and white colors.
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One of the brands to look out for is Maytag because it has a built-in hard food disposer which is not found in other portable ones. Check out also the Bosch brand which has LED indicators and has turbo drying which keeps your dishes quick-dry. Compare these brands with the Frigidaire name that has two level wash-systems for more dishwashing capacity with an easier-to-clean stainless steel food depositor.

You can also opt for a tall built like Whirlpool which allows odd shaped utensils easy to dish-wash. Danby, on the other hand, has space and energy saving devices with six different wash programs that will suit your dishwashing needs. For other brands, check online for prices.

Overall, these dishwashers are a haven for everyone and every home in order to keep your dishwashing experience an easier task while saving time and energy! So what are you waiting for? Purchase one now!

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