What Model Is My Bosch Dishwasher? A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, modern appliances like dishwashers have become indispensable in our daily lives. Bosch, a renowned brand in the appliance industry, offers a wide range of high-quality dishwashers. But what if you’re unsure about the model of your Bosch dishwasher? Identifying the model is crucial for maintenance, troubleshooting, and finding the right replacement parts. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to determine what model your Bosch dishwasher is.

Understanding the Importance of Knowing Your Dishwasher Model

Before we delve into the specifics of identifying your Bosch dishwasher’s model, let’s briefly discuss why it’s essential to know this information:

1. Warranty and Service

Knowing your dishwasher’s model is crucial when it comes to warranty claims and service requests. It ensures that you receive the appropriate support when facing issues.

2. Finding Replacement Parts

If a component of your dishwasher needs replacement, you’ll need the model information to source the correct parts. Using the wrong parts can lead to further damage.

3. Online Resources

Online forums and communities are great sources of information for troubleshooting and DIY repairs. To get accurate advice, you’ll need to provide your dishwasher’s model.

4. User Manuals

Accessing the user manual is easier when you know your dishwasher’s model. This manual contains valuable information on operation and maintenance.

Now that we understand the significance, let’s move on to the steps for identifying your Bosch dishwasher’s model.

How to Identify Your Bosch Dishwasher Model

Follow these steps to find out what model your Bosch dishwasher is:

1. Check the Door Frame

The most straightforward method is to open your dishwasher’s door and look along the door frame. You should find a label or a metal plate with the model number printed on it.

2. Examine the Side Panel

In some Bosch dishwasher models, the model number may be located on the side panel, often near the door latch.

3. Search Inside the Dishwasher

For thorough identification, you may need to pull out the lower rack and inspect the sides and bottom of the dishwasher’s interior. Look for any labels or markings.

4. Consult the User Manual

If you’ve kept the user manual that came with your dishwasher, check inside. The model number is typically listed on the first few pages.

5. Use the Bosch Website

If you couldn’t find the model number using the above methods, you can visit the official Bosch website. They often have a search tool where you can input other details about your dishwasher to identify the model.


Identifying your Bosch dishwasher’s model is a straightforward process that can save you time and trouble in the long run. Whether you need it for warranty purposes, maintenance, or repairs, having this information readily available is invaluable.


Q: Is the model number the same as the serial number?

A: No, the model number and serial number are different. The model number indicates the specific model of the dishwasher, while the serial number provides information about its manufacturing date and location.

Q: Can I find the model number on the dishwasher’s control panel?

A: Typically, the model number is not located on the control panel. It’s usually found on the door frame, side panel, or inside the dishwasher.

Q: Is it possible to order replacement parts without knowing the model number?

A: It’s not recommended. Without the model number, you risk receiving incorrect parts, which can lead to further issues with your dishwasher.

Q: What if the model number label is worn off or missing?

A: If the label is missing or unreadable, your best option is to consult the user manual or visit the Bosch website for alternative identification methods.

Q: Are there any online tools to help identify my Bosch dishwasher model?

A: Yes, Bosch’s official website often has tools or customer support services that can assist you in identifying your dishwasher model using other details or photographs.

Now that you know how to identify your Bosch dishwasher model, you can ensure that you have the necessary information for any future maintenance or repairs. If you have any more questions, feel free to explore further or seek assistance from Bosch’s customer support.

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