Whirlpool Dishwasher Buying Guide😃🤩😄 2023

It wasn’t very long ago that a dishwasher was a luxury item that not everyone could afford to own, but it has become a household staple and a must have, time-saving kitchen necessity.

However, choosing the right dishwasher for you can be an overwhelming experience.  Apart from the obvious expense of purchasing a dish washing appliance for your home, the large assortment of selection and design can become a real struggle to sort through. Some questions you may have could be:

  • What size is best for my specific needs?
  • Does it matter if its Energy Star certified?
  • What makes a Whirlpool Dishwasher any better than its competitors?
  • Is Stainless Steel and better than the standard color?

I can tell you that every company that produces home appliances will boast about their superior quality and cutting edge designs, but I’m confident that you’ll see that the Whirlpool Dishwasher stands head and shoulders above the competition. Not only does Whirlpool surpass the industry standards for efficient cleaning, they also are industry leaders when it comes to quality, so instead of searching the internet for Whirlpool dishwasher parts, you’ll be loading up your dishwasher while the others are calling in for repair services. Let’s review some of the basics you can expect to find if you’re new to Whirlpool dishwasher appliances.

do dishwashers really clean

Whirlpool dishwashers are fully integrated and come with multiple wash cycles to meet you every need. We will glance over a few of the biggest features here but it’s a great idea to check out Whirlpool dishwasher reviews before setting out for your purchase.

Among these are:

1.       7 cleaning options

2.       sensor cycle

3.       top rack wash

4.       stainless steel interior

5.       gauge for seeing how much rinse agent remains

6.       Quiet

7.       large capacity

8.       Energy Star efficient

9.       easy to install with simple step-by-step instructions

What features do you want your next Whirlpool Dishwasher to have (Whirlpool Dishwasher Guide)?

  • Energy Star Qualified

Whirlpool dishwashers are designed to not only meet, but EXCEED government standards for efficiency making them more friendly to your budget AND the environment. The average Whirlpool brand dishwasher uses nearly one half of the water and energy to get your dishes clean, without compromising any of the quality you’ve come to expect.

  • Sensor Cycle

From baked-on casserole pans to drinking glasses, the revolutionary Sensor Cycle’s got it all covered. The Sensor Cycle smart technology will automatically select the best washing and drying setting for your specific load by utilizing its two sensors that measure temperature, dirt levels and the current size of the load, freeing up more time for you to do the things you’d rather be doing.

  • PowerScour

Forget about all the extra soaking and scrubbing! With the PowerScour option you can finally get rid of those kitchen gloves and bacteria harboring sponges. Forty highly targeted washing jets blast away tough, stuck on food while the oversized jets deliver up to two times more coverage per spray giving you a throughout clean on everything from glassware to pots and pans.

  • Sturdy Design

Dishwashers made by the Whirlpool Company are designed to be sturdy and long lasting. In fact, a Whirlpool dishwasher would likely have fewer repairs than other comparable brand. Whirlpool has retained this industry lead for over 16 years running!

The Whirlpool Dishwasher Guide

Dishwasher Buying Tips:

  • You can potentially save around a $100’s by going with a “standard colored” dishwasher over the stainless steel model.  Capacity size, as well as the finish, will always effect the price.
  • Make sure you know what extras you want to have BEFORE setting out to buy. Do environmental factors come into play with your decision? How about efficiency and speed? Remember, all models are NOT designed the exact same. A little research can save you time and money.
  • An 18 inch dishwasher is usually adequate for families of 2-3 persons and can hold up to around 6-8 standard place settings.
  • A 24 inch dishwasher is better for larger families and can accomodate12-14 standard place settings.
  • Consider if a storable dishwasher is best for you. Even though it’s not a permanent part of your kitchen appliances, it’s compact size makes it easy to store away when not in use and pulled out again when family come over for dinner.
  • Remember to read all of the Whirlpool dishwasher reviews on the model you have your eye on before any money exchanges hand.
  • Consider how easily accessible replacement parts are if you’re considering an “off brand”. You may be surprised how difficult it is to find the pieces you may need in the future. Whirlpool dishwasher parts are not only easily available but are made with the same high standards that Whirlpool has always been known for.

Hopefully this article will help you focus your search on what type of dishwasher you are looking for. I can’t stress enough that you should FIRST read product reviews to see what others are saying about any product you purchase. Best of luck on your purchase!

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