Affordable Portable Dishwashers

We’ve done all of the research to provide our visitors thorough and detailed affordable countertop dishwasher reviews and ratings. There are many things to consider when purchasing a countertop or portable dishwasher. Above all else, the price needs to be right. We’ve kept that in mind and compiled a list of the highest rated dishwashers, but with a price tag that is sure please. You may have several questions before purchasing. Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • How much does a countertop dishwasher cost? The price can vary greatly among various models, however, we’ve found most purchased to be in the $250 range. Of course, some of the more expensive models may offer features not found in basic models. That being said, we found most models in the $250 range to be sufficient for most needs.

  • How big are countertop dishwashers? You’d be surprised where you can fit these slimmed down washers. In fact, most will fit in microwave-sized spaces.

  • How does energy efficiency compare to that of a regular sized unit? Given the smaller size, you can expect to see a higher efficiency as less water is used and less heating/drying time dues to the smaller quantity of dishes.

  • Can I hook them up for permanent use? In short, yes. However, some are not designed to be used as a permanent solution, so it’s important to research whether or not you are able to hook up to your main water line, as opposed to the sink only.

  • Do countertop dishwashers offer multiple rinse cycles? Yes. Many countertop dishwashers offer the same features that you would find in a full-sized unit, including multiple rinse cycles. The cycles often include light, normal, heavy and a speed rinse option.

We’ve taken on the task of thoroughly researching different brands, models, and price ranges and put together our Top 5 Countertop Dishwasher Reviews. This, in turn, saves our visitors the headache of this time-consuming task.

A portable dishwasher is mostly used by those who like to move the dishwasher to various places or have limited room in the kitchen. Alternatively there are traditional dishwashers that are fixed to one place and that consumes some place in your kitchen.

Portability of any device helps to manage the space in case of small kitchens with another major selling point being the fact there is no plumber required for the dishwasher in your kitchen.

For those who wash small number of dishes a portable dishwasher is a fantastic option whilst being more economical and efficient. If you where considering a new dishwasher, our reviews will help you become familiar with the options.

What to look for in Affordable Portable Dishwashers?

  • Size:

Choosing the correct size of the dishwasher will help in getting a best dishwasher for your kitchen. The dishwasher should not be too large or too small to fit the number of dishes that you wash daily.

  • Length of Hose:

According to the numerous dishwasher reviews, when looking for the best dishwasher for you, you should remember to consider the length of the hose so that it reaches the faucet as per your expectations.

  • Type of Faucet:

You should take into consideration the type of faucet you have when buying a portable dishwasher. You want the right size so it should fix tightly to the faucet so that there is no leakage when the water is supplied to the machine.

  • Power Cord:

You need to note down the place where the power point is located in your kitchen and its distance from the faucet and the drainage system. While buying the best dishwasher, you ought to consider the distance between the power point, faucet and the drainage system in order to get the best dishwasher for you.

  • Countertop Dishwashers:

You have an option between a countertop dishwasher and a traditional dishwasher. Consider your needs before purchasing, many people overlook portable dishwasher, but they quite often fulfil most of the requirements whilst taking up only a limited amount of space.

  • Color and Design:

Well, how can we forget that? The color, the design and the style of your adorable dishwasher should be unique, isn’t it? After all, you want your friends to praise you for having an elegant and adorable portable dishwasher.

Small Dishwashers

Small dishwashers are a refreshing alternative to hand washing in households with limited space. Families and individuals can get all the benefits of a modern appliance without sacrificing precious floor area in the kitchen when they are not washing dishes.

The types of compact appliances available include:

  • Narrow dishwashers: Built in and integrated dishwashers are typically 24 inches wide.  However, some manufacturers make a slimline range which is only 18 inches wide.

  • Smaller wheeled units: These portable dishwashers can be full-sized but are more usually narrow models.  They are placed directly on the floor and hooked up to the kitchen sink.  The set of wheels attached to the base means the appliance can be easily slid from its hiding place to the sink and back again when the job is done.

  • Countertop dishwashers: This type of small free-standing appliance sits on your kitchen benchtop and is about the size of a microwave.  A hose is usually included in the purchase so the unit can be easily connected to a water source.

  • Single Drawer: Most people have seen the dishwashers that have two individual drawers, instead of a hinged door opening.  But did you know you can buy one single drawer individually?  This can be a great mini dishwasher if you’re short on space.

  • Under Sink Dishwasher: Chances are you’ve never heard of this type.  It’s designed especially for the space under your sink. 

Popular Brands of Portable Dishwasher

Kenmore, Danby, Frigidaire, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Bosch, GE and many others produce mini dishwasher models. These come in a variety of sizes with color options and extensive features lists. Many produce more than one type, with some freestanding and others equipped with wheels so consumers have more options when choosing a compact appliance. Many of these manufacturers have earned just as many high ratings for their small units as they have for larger ones. Consumers should review the individual model when shopping each brand.

Small Dishwasher Features

The features list can make a big difference in the appeal of each small dishwasher model. Most include nylon coated racks with a drop down door that is much like larger appliances. Kenmore’s models include a Heated Dry function that uses hot air to quickly dry dishes and reduce the presence of water spots.  A tall tub can accommodate larger pots, pans and platter size dishes.  Kenmore also offers a high temperature wash and heavy duty cycle setting that can take on tougher jobs.

Danby’s units include automatic detergent dispensers and a hose storage solution. The three tier spray system thoroughly cleans dishes when any of the seven built in wash programs are used. The upper rack can be adjusted.  A water softening system and stainless steel spray arm make Danby’s offerings even more appealing. Most freestanding compact dishwasher models can handle between seven and ten place settings per wash. Approximately 3.5 gallons of water are consumed during the average cycle of most small models.


Consumers have a few options when browsing small dishwasher sizes. Larger freestanding models measure around 24 inches wide by 37 inches high with a depth of around 26 inches. These will require more storage space, which should be considered before making a purchase.  Wheeled units should not be lifted so a direct, even path from the storage location to the usage area must be accessible. The dishwasher should be stored on the same floor as the kitchen to avoid mobility issues with stairs.

Who Should buy a Small Dishwasher?

Small appliances are designed to offer more flexibility to those who live in apartments, condos, mobile homes and other tight living spaces. Freestanding units do not require counter space and often feature wheels so anyone can easily slide the appliance into place without doing any heavy lifting.

The only downside is that the appliance will require a place to remain when not in use, which could take up a bit of space in a closet. Consumers should measure storage space to make sure adequate room is available. Smaller units, such as countertop and single drawer dishwashers, are also sold and require no floor space to store or use.

A Portable Dishwasher is basically a portable unit that can be used for washing dishes and other household chores. It has the capacity to perform basic dishwashing functions such as detergent discharging, water based degreasing and drying of dishes.

The basic functions are performed by these machines by just placing it inside the washing machine. However, this kind of appliance is more popularly known as a Quick Discharger. It is the machine that is used by many households as dishwasher.

So, what are the advantages of using a Portable Dishwasher fits in a small space? The main benefit is that it saves money because a lot of dishwasher manufactures try to reduce the space occupied by a dishwasher. Thus, you can use this appliance in any corner of your house. The space you can save from other kitchen appliances is used by the Portable Dishwasher.

It does not use too much space unlike conventional dishwasher that is usually found in the kitchen. This appliance is commonly used in places where there is lack of space. It is used in guest houses or small apartments or dorms of schools. It does not occupy much space thus it can be easily used.

You can also remove the inoperable parts when you use the Portable Dishwasher fits in a small space. It is a very useful appliance because it has a wide range of uses that it was designed for. Also, it has various kinds of cleaning facilities that make it very useful and convenient.

The Portable Dishwasher can be fixed or fitted with certain parts. Sometimes, you can find it with many different cleaning applications. In addition, it is available in different models so you can choose the best one that matches your needs.

Certain models have an extra feature which makes it easy to wash and dry the dishes. Moreover, you can also choose one that you like and will fit into your space. You can also purchase it at a low price. You can find many of them online and compare them so that you can decide on the one that fits your needs and budget.

Using this versatile machine in a small space has many advantages. Thus, you should look for the model that matches your budget and needs.

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