Why is my Dishwasher not Cleaning

The Whirlpool Gold® Series Dishwasher with Sensor Cycle is a great product, the family across the street has one and they love it. Then one day they noticed the pots weren’t all that clean.

A dishwasher saves quite a bit of time and is a comfort most of us would not like to live without, but what if it’s not cleaning your dishes and utensils well?  Calling up a service Engineer every time can be a time-killing and expensive task.

You can learn some handy tips which can help you in case of problems with your dishwasher not cleaning properly. I will list the components along with tips and solutions to rectify the issues connected to them.

Step 1 – Check Upper Discharge Housing Gasket

This Discharge Gasket should be checked when you experience considerably low pressure across the spray arms. You can easily locate this gasket on the discharge cover placed above the impeller.

Check if the gasket is fitted properly or it may have become loose due to frequent usage. You can remove and change this gasket yourself without much hassle.

Step 2 – Check Spray Arm

how to clean dishwasher racks

The spray arm can be one of the reasons why your dishwasher is not cleaning your utensil properly. Many models have lower spray arm only but others may come integrated with upper and middle spray arms.

This spray arm moves freely and sprays hot water and detergent until or unless obstructed by debris or dishes. You can do a deep check of the bearing ring, cracks, debris like food particles, etc on the spray arm and try to fix the issue.

Step 3 – Check Docking Station

The docking station can be an issue when it comes to the dishwasher’s middle spray arm. Dishwashers with this kind of spray arm attached to an upper rack should be checked that it is docking properly in addition to checking their flappers. You can easily find the water tube on the back side of your dishwasher.

Step 4 – Check Chopper

Some dishwashers have a food chopper that mainly breaks down food into tiny pieces so that debris from food particles can easily pass through the drain section. In case the chopper is not working properly, water will become dirty and the same will be re-circulated through the dish washing section.

Step 5 – Check Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is present in all models and is one of the most important parts responsible for the proper functioning of any dishwasher. If your Dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes then the inlet valve may not be supplying an adequate level of water pressure inside the main tub.

You can find this inlet water valve behind the access panel at the front end of your dishwasher. If the Dishwasher is not getting water or in case of insufficient water supply, you must check the inlet valve while filling water in the tub. If everything is going fine, then look for other steps advised to overcome cleaning issues.

Step 6 – Water Delivery Tube

In case, you have Dishwasher Model with an upper spray arm, check for a water delivery tube to resolve issues related to cleaning dishes. This tube, made from plastic supplies water to the upper spray arm coming from the pump. You must check if the tube is properly fitted in line with the pump and spray arm.

Step 7 – Check Filters

A dishwasher comes with filters that remove debris during the washing cycle. These filters may become clogged upon frequent use. You can find these filters inside the pump circulating section and replace or clean them easily. Need a replacement filter?

Step 8 – Check Detergent Dispenser

One more reason that the dishes may not be getting cleaned properly can be the detergent dispenser. You should use high-quality detergent inside the detergent cup provided separately inside the main tub.

If you are using any gel or tablet for cleaning, then it is advised to switch to detergent as the powder dissolves faster in the water as compared to other alternatives. The dishwasher with a prewash compartment should be treated with detergent first for cleaning utensils effectively.

Analyze your water conditions whether it is hard or soft and then use a sufficient amount of detergent, because hard water generally needs more detergent than soft. Never use too much detergent as this may damage your delicate utensils like glassware, etc. 

Routine cleaning of the Detergent dispenser is advised to avoid clogging. While cleaning dishes always check the status of the detergent cup also.

Step 9 – Check the Pump Impeller

Dishwashers have two types of pump impellers, one for washing and the other for drainage, both located inside the main pump. The washing impeller circulates water and gives pressure to the spray arms but the drain impeller only assists in draining. Take a close look at these two impellers for any malfunction.

The dishwasher Is Not Cleaning Final Thoughts

Hope you will consider our suggestions and solutions in troubleshooting why your dishwashers not cleaning. You can pick up spare components here and fit these yourself quickly, easily, and cheaper than getting the repair guy in.

Regular cleaning of your machine will help prolong its life and hopefully prevent these minor issues from happening. Read our piece here on looking after your dishwasher. Naturally, the issue of the dishwasher not cleaning properly can affect all brands of machines, not just Whirlpool.

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