Electrolux Dishwasher

Electrolux can provide you with an eco friendly dishwasher that saves you time, energy and money. This is because each dishwasher is designed with efficiency in mind. In today’s busy society, efficient utilization of kitchen space is becoming more important.

Staying consistent with this idea, Electrolux dishwashers are designed to meet extremely high specifications in able to ensure that their perfectly formed machines fit unobtrusively into your kitchen, as they utilize the latest technology while providing the style you are looking for.

Electrolux is a global leader in the supply of household appliances, with millions of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Their dishwasher range has been designed keeping the company’s 90-year old principles at the forefront of their quest for a better quality of life for all their customers.

Electrolux is committed to the production of dishwashers that make a positive impact on the lives of those who use them.

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The company focuses on manufacturing dishwashers of the highest quality. They also strive to keep customer relationships as a top priority, always listening to customer feedback.

Electrolux consistently carries out consumer market surveys, which inevitably lead to the understanding that nobody loads their dishwasher the same way.

This realization brought about the fantastic features and functions, FlexiSpray™Arm and RealLife® Baskets. These innovative design ideas enable customers in today’s modern households to load their dishwasher however they want.

Though eco-friendly, the results of the dishwashers are not compromised and the dishes always come out sparkling clean at the end of each wash.

In addition to cleaning dishes, the dishwashers are also incorporated with drying functions, which means your dishes are not only going to come out super clean, though they will also be dry and ready for use.

The company has recognized the need for cost-efficient production of all appliances, including dishwashers. In order to maintain competitively low prices, Electrolux moved their manufacturing base for efficient dishwashers to low cost areas throughout the globe.

Quality has not been compromised, while cost savings have allowed the company to concentrate on maintaining a competitive edge on the technology required to keep their dishwashers at an affordable price for those considering buying a new dishwasher.

Many people don’t realize that a dishwasher is not only more efficient, though also more environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand.

Electrolux dishwashers use extremely small amounts of water whilst still being able to achieve outstanding results. Regular filter changes keep the machine in tiptop condition all year round.

In fact, the average family of four will save 300 hours of dishwashing time, giving you more quality time for the important things in life.

Electrolux provides fully integrated dishwashers, which can be hidden behind a cupboard door while quietly completing all its dishwashing tasks.

As an alternative, the semi-integrated model allows you to see the control panel at all times. The amount of models to choose from is large enough to ensure that you can purchase a dishwasher that is efficient with water and electricity, regardless of what model you select.

Add the modern and simple design features of all Electrolux dishwashers, and you have a combination that will fit your pocket and easily fit into your kitchen.

Electrolux Built-in Dishwasher EDW5505ESS 24-Inch

The EDW5505ESS features a fully integrated control panel, which is located at the top of the dishwasher door, so that the exterior remains uncluttered when the door is closed. The controls and digital display are intuitive and easy to operate.

  • Dishwasher Type: Built-in
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Number of Wash Cycles: 7 Cycles
  • Place Settings: 12
  • Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
  • Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
  • Other Features
  • Water Use (Normal Cycle): 8 Gallons
  • Noise Level: 51 DB
  • Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device
  • Door Integration: Fully Integrated
  • Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
  • Performance Features
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
  • ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
  • Dimensions
  • Depth: 23.75 in.
  • Height: 33.5 in.
  • Width: 23.88 in.

“I bought this model when it was brand-spanking new on the market, during a kitchen renovation in the spring of 2006. It was part of the emerging Electrolux (a clever middle-market appliance brand) Icon series.

I also bought the matching refrigerator. I would classify these appliances as a great option for someone wanting quality materials and features, but who cannot afford Wolf, Sub-Zero, Viking, etc., products.

During a major renovation there are so many decisions to be made–they can really become overwhelming.

A small piece of advice here: select your appliances before anything else, your cabinetry, even your flooring or window placement should not preclude you from an appliance you want. Appliances come in many different dimensions, your cabinet placement will depend on these dimensions.

Also, figure out what kind of ventilation system you want (I opted for a microwave-convection oven with venting above a dual-fuel, slide-in range), because a range in an island will call for a free-standing hood. Lots to think about.

Another piece of advice: Don’t skimp on the dishwasher! It will get opened and closed nearly as often as a refrigerator, and probably get more mistreated and overlooked! Your dishwasher is an appliance that takes the place of cabinetry, therefore the eye is really drawn to it–if it works with your budget, it should be pretty.

Feature for feature, I found the Electrolux EDW550ESS to be the best buy out there! For under $1,000 it packs in a lot of high-end options found on the much pricier Asko, Kitchenaide, or Bosch dishwashers, such as: a very lovely, sleek stainless steel finish on all exterior and interior surfaces, fully removable and adjustable racks, completely hidden controls, delayed wash (three options), and the quietest wash cycle I’ve ever heard.

I had a brand-new GE that came with a new home we purchased in CA, and from day one it sounded like a marching band in my kitchen. I never realized how awful that dishwasher was until I got the Electrolux.

The Electrolux Icon series dishwasher does a fantastic job. If I have heavier dirt or a larger load, I hit the heavy cycle and I have only rarely had to “touch-up” a very crusty pan. I’ve never run a piece of silverware through twice.

I love the multiple ways you can adust the racks, and it has features like clamps for plastic utensils and lids on the cutlery tray so that you can enclose small pieces so they don’t get lost.

I have no complaints about the dishwasher. I feel lucky to have found an option that is so stylish, relatively reasonably priced, and yet extremely functional.

Installed, the unit is really beautiful. Both of my icon products only show stainless steel (the refrigerator actually has stainless steel sides and top!), and have a really lovely, silvery color with a sort of horizontal grain.

After nearly three years, the finishes on both the dishwasher and the refrigerator have held up admirably. My husband is like having a small child when it comes to wear and tear on household items. There isn’t a SINGLE scratch, nick or discoloration on either of my electrolux appliances.

electrolux dishwasher

Here’s another thing that may not sound important, but really is: The Electrolux manuals are very nice! They are much more comprehensive than the Frigidaire or GE manuals we received with other appliances.

They come bound like small books, and are VERY well-written with good graphic representations and sentences that feel like they originated with English-speaking authors.

I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic or unkind, but I think many of us have sat before a manual trying to make sense out of a description or instruction.

I also had very good luck with Electrolux’s customer service. I had to contact them about the refrigerator filter, since my contractor put bread in the plumbing line (don’t ask), and it subsequently clogged the filter unit.

Despite the fact that it was totally the contractor’s fault, the friendly representative (who I was able to easily reach without a voice-mail labyrinth) sent me out a new one.

The serviceman who installed it works for a large center that sells lots of brands, and he told me the water filter was the best one on the market. Water out of the frig tastes amazing.

All in all, I’ve grown very fond of my Electrolux dishwasher, and can’t complain after nearly 3 years of constant use. We often have friends for dinner, and are lazy about hand-washing items,

So this washer gets a lot of use. It really has held up very well, remaining just about as quiet as it was on day one, and cleaning remarkably well.”

“I wanted a dishwasher that was quiet as we entertain a lot and I am tired of all the noise the dishwasher makes.

I can’t tell you how many times the kids have opened it not realizing that it is actually running! The only time I hear it is when the water is draining and that is not very loud.

In order to allow the top rack to adjust there are 4 (2 on each side) plastic parts that take up some of the room where I stack my glasses. I can only put juice glasses in these 4 spots as nothing else fits.

My silverware has a wide base, so knives and forks only fit when you flip open the slots for the silverware.”

Electrolux Dishwasher EIDW6105GW 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

  • Built-in Dishwasher has 6 wash programs and sound insulated for a quiet operation.
  • Dishwasher Type: Built-in
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles
  • Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
  • Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
  • Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
  • Other Features
  • Water Use (Normal Cycle): 8.5 Gallons
  • Noise Level: 45 DB
  • Door Integration: Fully Integrated
  • Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
  • Performance Features
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
  • ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
  • Dimensions
  • Depth: 24.63 in.
  • Height: 34.88 in.
  • Width: 23.75 in.

“I have horrible dishwasher luck.The Last two dishwashers that I have purchased have been Lemons.One was a Whirlpool and one was a Kitchenaid.I returned the 1000 dollar Kitchenaid within two days because It ran one complete cycle and then refused to work again.

And no,it was not a problem with the install.The Whirlpool lasted 6 months before the pump went out.It was repaired under warranty but then it broke down a year and a half later.

Frustrated I told my Husband that I did not want to invest one penny in repairing the machine because it never cleaned the dishes well anyway. Bought Electrolux .

So far I am pleased.I can not tell that it is running unless I put my ear to the door.Seems very well built.This model does not have a food grinder but I don’t think thats a problem as I am an Old fashioned girl and I still rinse my dishes before loading them.

I did look for reviews before purchasing and I could not find anything.So I am writing this so that skeptics will feel a little more at ease. I would compare this dishwasher to a Bosch.

It seems like its more European in design.So far I am very impressed and very satisfied.Its wonderful to open the dishwasher and have truly clean dishes. The Quietness is just icing on the cake Just to be sure I purchased a Five year warranty.”

“Okay. The old dishwasher quit and I was forced to shop for a replacement. Online, in stores, reading reviews.

I knew I wanted QUIET after being mad about spending a lot for a Kitchenaid Superba “Whisper quiet” machine and then having to listen to that grinding disappointment for 12 years. Saw this Electrolux in a store with the 45dB rating and a decent price $899.

So I brought it home, installed it myself and we have now run several loads. It is SO quiet you have to consciously listen for it to make sure it’s running. It sounds like a light rain hitting the kitchen window.

My refrigerator is louder than this dishwasher. But does it clean? YES! I read a few consumer reviews complaining about cleaning and drying and needing “european dishwashing detergent.” All total nonsense.

We are using Cascade packets and rinse agent on normal cycle with hi-temp setting and every dish has come out spotless (even after purposely leaving lots of sticky food on them just as a test of the new machine).

So quiet, cleans great, nice looking addition to our kitchen. The only thing taking a little getting used to is that the bottom of the lower rack is only 8 or 9 inches above the floor when emptying.

But it’s designed to provide such a huge tub, and is a simple, totally worthwhile adaptation after all those years of listening to the Rumbleaid.

I can’t speak to reliability (have had it a week)but I don’t believe there is a more quiet, better cleaning dishwasher out there. And, fyi, Electrolux sets the price, so you pay that list price wherever you buy it which for me simplified the purchase decision.”

Electrolux Dishwasher EDW5500DSS Stainless Steel 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

All controls are mounted on top of the dishwasher door, maintaining the built-in look created by the beautiful stainless steel exterior.

The ElectroLux dishwasher isn’t just easy on the eyes Electrolux exclusive UltraQuiet Plus sound insulation makes this appliance unbelievably quiet, you can whisper over it.

Other features include AquaPulse direct feed washing, so dishes get clean the first time, every time, and an Auto Wash setting.

This drawer dishwasher can automatically size the load, set the time, and adjust water pressure and temperature to get your dishes cleanest.

The SmartSoil sensor constantly monitors the amount of food waste in the water, and can adjust the cycle reactively.

  • Dishwasher Type: Built-in
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles
  • Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
  • Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
  • Other Features
  • Noise Level: 51 DB
  • Door Integration: Fully Integrated
  • Dimensions
  • Depth: 22.88 in.
  • Height: 35 in.
  • Width: 24.25 in.

“I bought this DW as part of a kitchen remodeling project. I also got an Electrolux cooktop and fridge, and bought the Electrolux DW so it would match the fridge in appearance. It’s a very attractive unit, with ALL the controls hidden. That makes for a sleek exterior, but you can’t see how much time is left or where it is in the cycle.

I’ve tried the “normal”, “auto” and “short” cycles. The “auto” cycle allegedly uses photosensors to determine how soiled the dishes are and adjusts cleaning time accordingly. I found that it works about the same as “normal” which is an extremely long cycle…about 90 minutes.

Before I get to the bad news, let me say that the stainless steel interior is great, there is some flexibility in loading (folding tines, movable cutlery baskets, adjustable upper rack), and the volume is enormous. In fact, I used to fill my old DW with my dinnerware…by the time I ran out of plates, the DW was full. Now, I run out of plates before it’s full…and it will easily hold larger items than my old one.

Now for the bad: Although the run time is long, it doesn’t appear to clean as well as the old (contractor grade) appliance it replaced. And the old one did a better job in less time. It doesn’t happen with every load, but I occasionally have to rewash casserole dishes and/or silverware. That’s disappointing in such an expensive appliance.”

“This is great the best dishwasher ever. It’s very quiet and will clean just about anything you put into it.

We bought this dishwasher because we were tired of having to listen to our noisy, apartment-grade unit and then having to re-wash half the dishes that came out of it after each and every load.
I love the fact that it cleans so efficiently and quietly. It will clean baked-on scum without first having to pre-rinse dishes, providing that they haven’t been left out overnight.

It will even clean the dishes relatively well when they have been left out overnight; just not the baked-on cheeses, etc.

I dislike the fact that the racks are complicated and difficult to organize the dishes into. I always have to plan and re-plan where I’m going to put everything before turning the load on.

If the location of each item is meticulously thought-out, the dishwasher holds a surprising number of dishes.

Perhaps it’s a European thing…I would recommend this dishwasher to anyone willing to spend the extra money to own it.”

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