Hand Wash vs Dishwasher

Well, it’s an ongoing debate whether hand washing is better than a dishwasher or a Smart washer. Dishes have been washed by hand for ages but now People are concerned about the time and the money that they would spend on water bills. No one wants to spend their quality time washing dishes isn’t it true? Now the Ladies are more focused on their jobs to meet their monthly expenses.

You may argue that the dishwasher doesn’t come cheap and one has to spend some money to buy one

Paying money to buy a quality dishwasher is a one-time investment and we believe that washing dishes with hands wouldn’t be a good idea. Technology has evolved a lot, and thanks to continuous research now we have these smart washers that can do the job with some amazing benefits, which we have discussed below.

Hand Wash

Although Brands are making some real budget-friendly dishwashers of course some may not afford them and prefer to wash dishes by hand.
Handwashing technique to follow

These effective hand wash points to consider

  •  Fill half of a split sink with hot water so that your hands can stand and add a small amount of any low-polluting dish soap.
  •  Fill the other side with clean hot water. Start scrubbing the dishes on the soapy side and rinse them on the clean side of the sink.
  •  Dry the dishes with a towel remember don’t use a paper towel or you can let the air dry wet dishes.


Although hand washing doesn’t have many benefits to discuss it has its own advantages.

  •  No upfront expense
  •  no hassle of dishwasher maintenance


  •  Increased water bills as you need a lot of water to clean dishes
  •  Time-consuming

Using a Dishwasher

Most people in the United States and Europe prefer to use dishwashers just because of the amazing advantages that we have discussed below.


  • 1. Time

It’s an old saying “time is money” you must have heard about it, don’t you? According to the studies an efficient dishwasher takes around 7 to 10 min before it gets you the clean sparkling dishes, just load the dishwasher and carry on with your other stuff.

Hand washing can consume about 60 min of your time and don’t forget the effort you will be putting to clean those stains that also stink.

  • 2. Water Consumption

Modern-day dishwashers are very effective and water-efficient which will surely save some water bills. Recent studies have shown that 15 liters of water are just required for a dishwasher as compared to a hand wash that consumes about 75 liters, that’s too much, isn’t it?

  • 3. Energy Efficient

Quite a lot of energy is required to heat water to wash up with hands as compared to the dishwasher which can heat just enough water to clean dishes effectively.

  • 4. Environment-friendly

Lesser the water heated means there will be less waste and smaller carbon footprints, which will lead to a healthy atmosphere inside as well as outside the house.

  • 5. Hygiene

Washing by hand may not be a problem for you but let me tell you kitchen sinks are widely used for Rinsing food, washing clothes, scrubbing pet feeding boxes, and even washing shoes. Therefore it’s hard to believe that there will be no bacteria that can cause severe damage to anyone’s health, especially Children.

Note “We have discussed quite a few benefits of using a dishwasher but one thing should be kept in mind maintenance of your dishwasher is very important to take real benefits. You should clean your dishwasher regularly so that it doesn’t stink and every unwanted dirt or stain should be removed from the dishwasher itself.”


We would definitely suggest everyone buy a dishwasher because of the real benefits it offers and with the amazing technology and ease of use they are not the one to be missed.

Is it cheaper to hand wash or use a dishwasher?

Thus, your total extra cost per dishwasher load of dishes versus doing them by hand is about $0.63. It’s a little bit higher than this if you do dishes by hand by filling up a basin with hot water and using only cold water to rinse the soap from the dishes

Is washing dishes by hand sanitary?

Well, the recent study showed that washing by hand is not that good and it leaves bacteria that can cause different diseases.

Do dishwashers kill bacteria?

Yes, these days dishwasher is equipped with technology that can really kill germs and bacteria by effectively spraying hot water.

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